Thursday, 1 May 2008

How uplifting getting a comment is......

On Tuesday I received a comment on the blog entry I posted about my darshan visit to Mother Meera. It was a lovely surprise and I was delighted to get it. The purpose of this blog is not to write it to get comments but to leave my record of what I am calling the universal spiritual journey. I have some analytics on countries that are reading the blog and I know that there are people returning to read it, so this is satisfaction enough for me. The comment however brought back my own memories of the visit to Mother Meera and I began thinking about what its purpose was. I was unsure when I returned from the visit in terms of how this woman has acquired the following that she has and I still am. I don't feel I got anything from the locked eye contact but then I don't know for sure. So I will stay in that space of being uncertain - that space of certain growth.

I think what is important though is not so much whether or not I got anything but that I listened to the inner voice which was uncomfortable around the experience. It is learning this discernment which is so important in progressing the path. To recognise and acknowledge the inner conflict without making anything about the situation wrong are important spiritual steps. To go with what feels right for my own path while letting other paths be in exactly the way they are and exactly the way they are not. I believe that the purpose in meeting such people is not to get anything from them but to learn more about ourselves in the reactions we have when we meet them.

I was struck by the difference in how I felt after just seeing a photograph of The Maharishee. The moment I saw his photograph I felt something deep within me leap and a wave of what I can only describe as compassion enveloped me. I saw him looking at me and I felt he was looking deep into my soul. I remember feeling a sense of deep disappointment when Paul Brunton didn't immediately sense the power of that Avatar and halt his search for realized souls in India. So even without a photo my soul recognised The Maharishee. I didn't feel anything like this in the presence of Mother Meera. I understand this to mean for me that at this stage of my path that it is the words of the Maharishee that will bring the next spiritual expansion of consciousness. But again I don't know this. The spiritual is truly a path by the alone to the alone. I can't get out of my head the sufi proverb that says of the Divine, 'I was a hidden treasure and I wanted to be known'. I remain convinced that the Divine experiences through us as humans. To be fully awake is to be Divine.

Sometimes though with all these insights that I receive and the easy way life is flowing for me I feel so inadequate to relieve the suffering of others. I received some sad news this evening from a very good friend who is awaiting the results from a tumour that she feels is malignant. When she told me I was so shocked. I realize the truth of the one behind the many and so all of the dramas that the many have are empty and meaningless but this is not just 'many' this is my friend who I have known and valued for 20 years. As I write this I feel anger at the Divine play that is going to result in so much pain and suffering. I find myself asking the question why does the Divine drama have to include sickness and pain. Why can't it just be death. But even as I write this, I have been given the answer. Something has just said to me the words which I remember from the Conversations with God books by Neale Donald Walsche 'how can you know health if you haven't experienced sickness', life is the experience of opposites. It is through the opposites that the Divine experiences. Now there is a level of calm and acceptance there wasn't when I started writing the paragraph. I can't see the bigger picture and it's arrogant for me to make a judgement or form an opinion on the little piece of the picture that I can see......

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