Saturday, 8 November 2008

What a truly magical day.......

Today I went to some small independent bookshops to see if any of them would take my book 'Journey to Self' on a buy or return basis. I had a strong intuition to go to a small alternative bookshop that is near me. I knew that the bookshop was largely run by volunteers from some spiritual organisation. I packed up 5 books and went on my way. When I reached the shop I saw that it was empty and there was a woman sitting inside by the cash register. Without any fear or apprehension and with the conviction that this book is going to inspire everyone who reads it I explained what the book was about and briefly what it covered.

To my amazement the woman was the manager of the shop. She looked at me keenly while I was speaking and I then gave her a copy. She skimmed a couple of pages and then said 'I will take a copy and I will also arrange for a review to be done of it'. This was more than I could have hoped for. The woman explained that she was going to be away for 6 weeks but would contact me when she returned. I thanked her and I walked out. Money could not buy how I felt walking out of the shop. I took a minute to connect with some leaves on the tree - to drink in their beauty and the beauty of a universe that has always been so kind to me.

The next shop I passed was a natural health food shop. I saw that there were a couple of books in the window and I thought 'what the heck' and walked in. I immediately picked up on the different atmosphere, more tense. The man was dismissive of my request stating that he had taken books before on a sale or return basis and it had caused a lot of problems. I was interested in this from the point of view of me learning what not to do as this is all so new to me. When I pressed him on what I could do not to cause problems like he has experienced he was so cagey and evasive that I simply thanked him for his time I walked out.

Then my ego started 'what are you doing walking around in the rain like this, you are a spiritual person who has written a book, there should be others doing this for you'. But I just laughed it off. I am constantly aware of the spiritual ego which is part and parcel of the spiritual journey. By acknowledging it and being OK about the way I was feeling it had no control or power over me.

I took the train to Covent Garden where I knew there was a branch of the Brahma Kumaris and a bookshop. I had an inkling that it would only stock books by those people who were registered with their organisation but I had been in the shop before and thought I would give it a try. It was as I thought, but I had such a lovely conversation with the lady in the bookshop. I found myself talking to her about the 3 stages of spiritual development that I have distinguished. By far the longest and hardest stage is the 1st - Know Yourself - this is long and difficult solely because of the flexibility and cameleon like behaviour of the ego. I can think that I am doing something for 1 reason when the real truth is that it is for something else which the ego keeps hidden from my view. It is vital for this stage to have some means of training whereby it's possible to distinguish where inauthenticity is covered up by something else. For me that means of training has been the technology offered by Landmark Education, but this is not the only one. The important thing is to do something that is different to a purely spiritual training. I found this out when after I had spent 9 years studying and practicing Mahayana Buddhism I took the weekend Landmark Forum and I learned more about myself and how I have been constructed as a human than I had in my 9 years studying and practicing Buddhism. But after that weekend it was my spiritual insights and intuitions which increased.

I walked from Covent Garden to Leicester Square where I knew there was famous mind, body and spirit bookshop. It is a shop I have been to many times but I have never spoken to the staff there. I walked downstairs and I recognised a man who I have seen there many times over the years. I explained about my book and the benefits I thought there would be and I offered him the same terms of trade on a sale or return basis. He asked me some questions and I was so free and easy with the answers I gave him. Then he surprised me by saying 'do you have another copy, I think I am going to buy one. I said 'yes' and opened my bag and gave it to him. Then he said 'I'm not promising anything but each month I recommend a book of the month and if I really like it I will recommend it as the book of the month next month!' I was completely speechless and didn't know what to say for a minute (no more!) I said how great that would be if he did write a review and he said he would call me on Monday.

I left there feeling that I was going to burst with happiness and I was struck at just how easy it had all been. I was so relaxed and willing to have fun with it all. I understand now that everything in life is a game and this is my game. My game to have this book available so that it can make a difference in peoples' lives......


Anonymous said...

I agree about 'feeling places out', I can usually tell if I'm going to have a negative or positive experience with a place or person.

It does take courage to walk into a shop & offer your work for sale, especially something personal like a book which is full of your personal energy & in

many ways a window into your mind, the way you think & feel & your experiences about your spiritual journey.

I enjoyed hearing about your wet Saturday walking around London, going into metaphysical bookshops, having a coffee somewhere, taking the tube etc. It's

something I have done many times in the past. I was born in London & spent most of my life there. I live in Yorkshire now, I don't enjoy it. I don't feel at

home here. My gut feeling about this area was spot on, but I had to move for personal reasons. I hoped my feelings were just nerves but as usual my intuition

proved correct (I'm a man incidentally) I miss London a lot, I would like to move back. I have been on a spiritual journey since I became a vegetarian in

1975. Everything started to change after this.

I have had many strange experiences I recieved 'Shaktipat' in 1979. In many ways it has not helped me live a happy life in this world.'I'm just ordinary',

but the experiences I have had have made me very extraordinary in as much as I have never met anyone else who has had them. Despite these powerful

experiences I do not feel liberated by them. Maybe it's my karma unravelling - maybe all of it is to soften up my ego & then finally crack it one day. How do

you explain to people about 'energy' & 'sound' exploding up your spine & feeling as if your head has exploded in the process & connected you with the


I haven't read you book Margaret, but I will find out about ordering it from somewhere I feel sure I would enjoy it & I might email you & ask you a few

questions at a later date.

Many thanks


Margaret Dempsey said...

Hello Harry

Thank you very much for taking the time to comment. I was very interested in reading that you have received Shaktipat initiation. I also did in India in 1997 although at the time I did not realise what it was.

I resonated with what you said about being 'an ordinary person who has had extraordinary experiences' as this is how I also see myself. But it is this ordinariness that can inspire others.

I sense from your comment that you have also experienced the rising of the energy but it appears to have been more intense than what I experienced. There is a danger in the unprepared body and mind that the force of the energy when it rises prematurely can shatter the consciousness so integrating the experience into normal everyday life proves difficult.

What helped me enormously was understanding the importance of the Witness (concept in Buddhism). In the early stages of my experience I had very strange thoughts and behaviour, bordering on mania. During these episodes I maintained the attitude of the Witness watching all of this as though it was happening to someone else (if that makes sense). By watching it like an observer and not getting involved and attached the experience gradually integrates itself back into the consciousness and then into daily life.

But this takes time and my message to you is to be patient. You don't say when your, what I understand to be a spiritual emergency episode happened but it takes time for it to integrate into the consciousness. So be gentle and patient with yourself.

The ISBN number for my book 'Journey to Self' is 978-0-9559419-1-7. It will be available from Amazon within the next 2 weeks. I will welcome questions from you at anytime.

All the best