Sunday, 5 December 2010

My first weekend of teacher training....

is over and it was just amazing. What I didn't know before I started this training is that Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan is about balancing the right and left sides of the brain. I couldn't believe when I was flicking through the teachers manual and I read this. From this point on I felt totally and completely at home. I have experienced the Kundalini so there isn't a shadow of doubt in my mind that this energy exists and is dormant at the base of all our spines.

Yogi Bhajan developed this method of Kundalini yoga to enable a smooth transition of human consciousness from the Piscean age to the Aqarian age. At present we are still in transition from Pisces and Aqarius which accounts for all of the chaos and conflict there is in the world. Pisces is largely about control, power, and separation. Aqarius is about harmony, co-operation and sharing experience, expertise and is about expansion. In all of us there are Piscean elements in conflict with Aqarian elements which leads to inner turmoil and conflict. The aim of this yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan is to strengthen the nervous system to make the body stronger for when the shift happens on a global basis. I had thought that the shift was going to be of the consciousness from left to right and I suppose if we see the left brain as Piscean and the right as Aquarian then this makes sense in this way too. However like it's not in balance to live solely in the left bran nor is it in balance to live solely in the right brain so where the consciousness is heading towards is whole brain.

For the first time in my life I am committing to a daily early morning Sadhana practice so that I can be fully prepared for when this shift happens. Some documents put this date at 2012 but this is the date when the consciousness is fully in the Aquarian age. I must stress that I don't know any of what I write to be the truth. The relief for me of this weekend is finding a place where the thoughts and ideas I have had for months if not years have been echoed in a training which I can now give my all to. I want to be a teacher who gives students an experience of what's possible by committing to a spiritual practice.

Writing this tonight I feel a level of peace but also of confidence to finally be who I know myself to be without any apology to anyone, to make a difference to people from the experience and expertise I have without hiding it under a bush and something I am really looking forward to doing.


Harry Baker said...

Hello Margaret

Yes, I'm still lurking here :)

Somehow I think those of us that have experienced Kundalini awakenings get drawn back into the energy of transformation whether we like it or not. I don't know where my free will went, often I get pulled back in & it is usually just a casual nudge in the right direction.

Who does the nudging? Is it my sub-conscious mind, or my inner self, my guru or guides? I can't answer because I've never really understood, but I know when I'm in the right place, but only after I'm there. I never know I'm heading there, I just get the feeling to look at something, or go to see someone, or read a certain book or blog & then a shift happens.

For instance I did not even think you were still writing this blog - I thought you had retired it & moved to your new blog, and even your new blog I haven't visited for a while. But three times this week you have come into my mind so I visited your new blog & found that video of you asking Mooji a question. I found his answer to you quite beautiful. Although I'm not sure he answered it within the context of your personal inquiry. I know the question you were asking & why you asked it. But he transformed it into the context of non-duality, in which the 'I' am a teacher/master does not arise. I understand this from an intellectual point of view. I find Satsang like this, I ask questions from a personal standpoint & often the answers that arise from the teacher/master are from that point of truth that I feel outside of. I suppose it's a bit like my statement in the above paragraph 'I know when I'm in the right place, but only after I'm there'.

I haven't been here for a while & this is the first time I've felt that nudge & even then your new blog gave me another nudge, the curiosity to check on your old blog & expecting to see the last posting you placed there before retiring it months ago. Instead, to my delight, I found some recent activity, as recent as 5th December & as I write this I can feel that energy again. It comes as a gentle stirring in the base of my spine & as I sit I feel a tendency to sway from side to side & a slight nodding of my head. I know immediately the feeling, the familiarity of it & I only experience it when I am keeping the company of the truth. I have always said that you are a sincere seeker of the truth & because of that I believe in you & I believe you will succeed in your work & goal.

There is something in this that is missing, I can't write it or say it. I am seeking it like you. I only know it when I am there, but when I feel that feeling I know I am still traveling the right road & that I am being guided gently along it.

Thank you Margaret


Margaret Dempsey said...

Hey Harry absolutely brilliant to hear from you and to know that you are still around. Thank you so much for your comment it really moved me. You have been with me for so much of this journey and I really feel that you are a fellow seeker of Truth and it is great to know that I'm not alone.

I'm so pleased that you saw the video of my question to Mooji. I was also surprised to find it on the web. It was great though because when I was up close to him my mind was blank and I couldn't remember much of what he said to me afterwards so was great to have it to look back on. The one thing he said which shifted everything for me was 'why be special when you can be yourself' and that was the final letting go.

You know yourself when you have a powerful experience the questions you ask yourself. In my case it was 'what I am now expected to do', who do I have to become now i.e. teacher, nun' Hearing Mooji say I don't have to be anyone except myself gave me such tremendous relief and lightness.

What I see now is that the journey of the spiritual is towards being totally authentic which means being who I am and living from my Truth which I accept isn't everyones. The spiritual isn't about imitating any great Master or sage but about unconcealing who I really am.

I am so pleased that you listened to your 'casual nudge'. Your kundalini experience also has you on this journey and what there is to do is to co-operate fully with it. In my case this has meant finally choosing to do six months training to be a kundalini yoga teacher. Since choosing that I have a settledness about myself and life that wasn't there before.

I have returned to my old blog because I have always felt at home with it. I am not the most computer savvy as you have guessed by now, don't seem to have the left brain ability for it! So I will be writing on this blog from time to time and I look forward to once again having you with me.

All the very best for now Harry. Have a really great Christmas and a transformed and enlightened 2011.


Anonymous said...

Those who know don’t speak. Those who speak don’t know.

Margaret Dempsey said...

There was a comment left for me that said 'those that speak, don't know and those that know don't speak' which I want to comment on.

For years I subscribed to the same philosophy which is why when I experienced something profound on a Vippasana meditation retreat in 1999 I kept quiet for four years. I completely agree that there is a need to be silent to assimilate and integrate such experiences into the consciousness so that one is able to serve others and make a contribution to ending the suffering of human beings.

Then there comes a time when one must speak out. There are too many of us out there who know and are not speaking and we are leaving the space free for those who speak eloquently and fluently but do not know. This is in danger of creating false hopes and disappointment which if not watched over will just increase the level of inner and outer confusion and chaos.

This is why I now speak out about the powerful transformative energy that is at the base of all of our spines and recommend people to co-operate with it by doing some form of yoga. The good news about this is that we all have this energy so we all have the potential for spiritual awakening and enlightenment. In that way....we are already that which we seek...

My invitation is to all those who do know and are refusing to speak is....speak up and let the world decide about the value or not of what you have to say.