Monday, 20 April 2009

Something very going on....

I'm writing this blog entry during a break in lectures because I have no internet at home and can't get into an internet cafe later to write it. When I first tried to access it I got this flag that said that it had been flagged as having 'objectionable content'. This shocked me because I wasn't aware that any of this blog was objectionable because it is just a conversation about the path of spiritual development. I have declared none of it be true just opinion and points of view. I tried to find out a bit more about the rationale for declaring it be like this but I couldn't. The only thing I could glean is that it is going to be monitored closely for more flags of objection. This is the first time this has happened. But I wonder if it is also linked to all the other blogs I am commenting on and no-one is publishing these comments. It reminds me of that old saying 'just because I'm not paranoid, doesn't mean that everyone isn't out to get me'!

It's the first day back at college after the Easter break and without any internet I didn't know that our shorthand class this morning was cancelled, so I strolled in as usual and only found out when I logged onto my college email. It was great seeing everyone again and they are such a good bunch of people. I had a missed call on my answering machine and it was from the editor where I had done my first work experience saying that the two articles I wrote while I was there on work experience are about to go to the printers for publication. This is really great and shows me that making the move to leave my safe and secure job for what is possible was the right thing for me. What is needed for me is to have a plan for how to be an effective freelancer and this will involve strong and rigorous discipline on my part.

I don't have a lot more to write. When I went home I came across leaflet with alternative therapies that are offered from the college. On a whim I thought I would book a massage for a couple of weeks time when the pressure would be really kicking in, now that I am no longer doing any vortex healing. When I called up the college it turned out that they have had a cancellation for a swedish massage this evening which I was invited to take up if I wanted. I was delighted so 7.30pm tonight will see me stretched out having a swedish massage. After finding that this blog has been flagged as having objectionable is going to be so welcome.

I am going to write this now in that I don't know what part of this blog is objectionable or what steps Google is going to take. My intention is to keep writing it but forces are at work......


Anonymous said...

Relax. It's probably nothing to do with recent posts. Search on Google for

"objectionable content" Google blogs

and you'll find lots of other people with this problem. Sounds like Google made a mistake.

Just 'cos it's something to do with a computer, doesn't always make it your fault if it doesn't do what you expect.

Anonymous said...

...besides, this content warning doesn't appear when I read your blog.

Margaret Dempsey said...

Thanks for taking the time to reassure me and put some of my paranoia at bay! Prompted on by a strong inner urge I am going to continue with this blog.

I appreciate all the ongoing support


Anonymous said...

You should also consider the fact that it might be some idiot pulling a prank on you.

Or a religious fundamentalist. Those guys are actually quite common on the web, I'm afraid.