Friday, 24 September 2010

I received a comment.....which has prompted me to resume this blog...

Yesterday someone thanked me for a post I had written in August 2007 and it has prompted me to return to my old style of writing on my old blog. Yes, I know that it's not as sophisticated as WordPress, but it is where I started out writing and the site I am most comfortable with. My spiritual journey continues. Although I am convinced that more than being spiritually chosen I am right brain dominant. And I assert, that what is happening out there in the world is that the consciousness which up to now has been tied up in name and form of the left side of the brain is now shifting to the right. I don't make this statement as the truth only an idea to be considered and one that fits with my own experience. At the end of the day that is only always what I will write from and that is my own experience.

Another trigger that has sent me back to writing my own way and publishing what I want to write is that I joined a 'premier enlightenment site' to write articles and because the articles were to do with the involvement of the right side of the brain in spiritual awakening they weren't published. We live in a democracy, my words as I am always keen to point out are not the truth just ideas and I personally think that if spiritual awakening could be linked to right brain development then more people would see the state of enlightenment as much more achievable than they do today. For most people living from an enlightened state is the preserve of saints and mystics and I say 'no', it's not. It's simply a function of the consciousness shifting from the left brain to the right which is an evolutionary shift. Yes, there are certain spiritual practices that can be performed but if the consciousness is not ready to shift then these practices will be absolutely useless.

However, when the consciousness is ready to shift then nothing on earth is going to prevent an experience of spiritual awakening and then depending on the depth and scale of the shift the experience of enlightenment. So let's get straight about the spiritual path and how it develops. Yes, my writing is threatening but only for those who have such an inflated spiritual ego that refuses to accept or acknowledge the involvement of the right side of the brain. This is the highest of spiritual fraud and something I will not take part in.

I have had powerful spiritual experiences but I also only have sight in one eye and the eye and the brain are connected. Everyday I ask myself the question 'if I had two properly functioning eyes would I have had the profound experiences I have had and the automatic intuitive understandings and insights' and I feel absolutely sure that the answer is 'no'. I haven't spent years meditating or getting a spiritual name and going off to spend time in ashrams. I am so ordinary in that way that to attain the state that I have without having to have put in years of practice, says to me that something else is at work. However, the spiritual powers that be fail to acknowledge this or even to give me a platform for my views, so I am once again falling back on my trusty blog that has been with me for most of my spiritual journey.

If I still have readers on this blog, then thanks very much for staying with me and my commitment is to once again write regularly on this blog.