Monday, 27 September 2010

My not polished enough

The title of this post was the response I eventually received to the two articles I submitted to the 'No 1 Premier Enlightenment Site'. I have my suspicion that the refusal to publish the articles had more to do with the reference I made to the right side of the brain in spiritual awakening then that my writing needed to be 'polished'. As a result I am now going to focus on putting all of my unpolished writing on this blog. However I really must stress that nothing of what I write I assert to be the Truth. In fact there is no truth there are only points of view and in that way one point of view is just as valid as another.

Why I am breaking away from the spiritual supermarket is because I believe that spiritual development is solely to do with the right side of the brain. What is my basis for this? It is how much I have struggled all my life with what I call left brain abillities like logic, mathematics, problem solving, map reading and on the other hand how intuitive sensitive, perceptive I have always been. The former are left brain qualities and the latter are right brain qualities. It was only when I was studying psychology and learned about the connection between the eye and the brain that I put together the possibility and I must stress that this has never been verified by science that because I have had no sight in my right eye from birth that the left side of the brain has not been stimulated causing the right to take over and to give me more spiritual insights and intuitions than is possible where both sides of the brain function equally.

I subsequently found out that Gordon Brown has a glass eye in his left eye which was caused by a rugby accident when he was 11. Diminished sight to the right side of the brain could have been compensated for by more activity in the left side of the brain so is it any surprise that he was Chancellor of the Exchequer before beooming Prime Minister and the reason why he lacked the charisma associated with the right side of the brain.

In 1988 on a meditation retreat in Southern England I had a profound experience of energy rising from the base of my spine, going to my head and descending. My assertion is that this is what happens when the right side of the brain is at a certain level of development and has absolutely nothing to do with spiritual rituals and practices. Many years ago in response to many exasperated people who told me that if I didn't stop looking for a rational explanation to account for the ease with which I could understand spiritual literature and the experiences I have had that I would lose the joy, bliss, oneness with life which is a constant presence for me. I abandoned all of my brain theory and threw myself into living the life of a mystic only to have it all come crashing down.

When I recovered I once again took up the mantle for recognition of the right side of the brain in spiritual development and I will not abandon it again. I remember always being struck by the line in the bible 'he is seated at the right hand of the father', why is it the right hand and not the left if this wasn't a veiled reference to the brain. Why in the past were children who were natural left hand writers made to write with their right hand. I assert it is because the left hand and right brain are connected and society values the qualities of the left side of the brain more highly. And up to now everything has conspired to keep consciousness located in the left side of the brain but this is now shifting at a phenomenal rate spurred on by all the discoveries in the field of quantum mechanics. I made this point about quantum mechanics acclerating the shift of consciousness from the left to the right side of the brain and I was attacked verbally for it. can imagine my surprise this evening when I received an article from a man who I had spoken to about the shift of consciousness from the left to the right in the run-up to the major and most fundamental shift in 2012 when in the middle of his article he wrote 'These are all things in which we are all going to experience this will occur simply because as the energetic shift takes place so do our mental hemisphere’s in other words from left to right'. This from a man who when I wrote to him something similar months ago completely rejected it. This leads me to ask why has he now suddenly introduced the idea in his article. Perhaps the evolutionary shift which is happening is way stronger than the conspiracy of the past which kept the power of the right side of the brain a closely guarded secret. Is the right brain the holy grail. What I want readers to take away from this post is never ever to give up on something you believe in. Keep being a stand for it even if everybody says you are wrong. Don't ever sell out on something you feel is intuitively right....