Sunday, 5 December 2010

My first weekend of teacher training....

is over and it was just amazing. What I didn't know before I started this training is that Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan is about balancing the right and left sides of the brain. I couldn't believe when I was flicking through the teachers manual and I read this. From this point on I felt totally and completely at home. I have experienced the Kundalini so there isn't a shadow of doubt in my mind that this energy exists and is dormant at the base of all our spines.

Yogi Bhajan developed this method of Kundalini yoga to enable a smooth transition of human consciousness from the Piscean age to the Aqarian age. At present we are still in transition from Pisces and Aqarius which accounts for all of the chaos and conflict there is in the world. Pisces is largely about control, power, and separation. Aqarius is about harmony, co-operation and sharing experience, expertise and is about expansion. In all of us there are Piscean elements in conflict with Aqarian elements which leads to inner turmoil and conflict. The aim of this yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan is to strengthen the nervous system to make the body stronger for when the shift happens on a global basis. I had thought that the shift was going to be of the consciousness from left to right and I suppose if we see the left brain as Piscean and the right as Aquarian then this makes sense in this way too. However like it's not in balance to live solely in the left bran nor is it in balance to live solely in the right brain so where the consciousness is heading towards is whole brain.

For the first time in my life I am committing to a daily early morning Sadhana practice so that I can be fully prepared for when this shift happens. Some documents put this date at 2012 but this is the date when the consciousness is fully in the Aquarian age. I must stress that I don't know any of what I write to be the truth. The relief for me of this weekend is finding a place where the thoughts and ideas I have had for months if not years have been echoed in a training which I can now give my all to. I want to be a teacher who gives students an experience of what's possible by committing to a spiritual practice.

Writing this tonight I feel a level of peace but also of confidence to finally be who I know myself to be without any apology to anyone, to make a difference to people from the experience and expertise I have without hiding it under a bush and something I am really looking forward to doing.

Friday, 3 December 2010

It's just a few hours before....I begin teacher training to be a Kundalini yoga teacher

It's finally happening. In just a few hours I will be beginning my first weekend of six to be a Kundalini yoga teacher and I am just so excited. I am settled and at home with the experience I had on a meditation retreat many years ago as an experience of Kundalini energy rising up through energy centres called chakras which are located in the subtle energy body of the spine. I know these exist and are real and for me to be training to be able to have mastery with this powerful transformative energy is nothing but a privilege and a pleasure. It is the energy that is present in all of us and as a yoga teacher my purpose is to work with the energy so that it will raise safely and naturally in my students.

I am doing this training not because I am a chosen yogi or a mystic but simply because I am right brain dominant and I am following the path other right brain dominant people have done over the centuries. For years I have been alone with this right brain theory but just a few days ago to my absolute astonishment I was sent through the email details of a video clip of a woman who was a brain scientist and who suffered a stroke in the left hemisphere of her brain. The damage to the left hemisphere shifted her consciousness to the right hemisphere and she began to have experiences similar to what mystics and yogi's have described. This is just an amazing story and I urge all of my readers to watch it. I am not tech savvy so have no idea how to emed this video into this blog post, so I am just going to post the link here and really recommend that you watch it.


The significance of what happened to this lady is I assert and I don't know for sure what is going to happen to the consciousness of humanity on a global scale. It is going to shift from the left brain to the right. I remember many years ago in the 60s' there was a scientist called Perry who did 'split brain studies' and his work was completely dismissed and I remember that there was always something in the way it was ridiculed which didn't sit right with me. I think something of the power of the right brain was discovered then but because the right brain is very powerful his findings were suppressed. But now evolution itself has taken the lead and scientists can no longer keep the lid on the power of the right brain which is why there is suddenly an explosion of revelations about it on youtube and other sites.

For me all I feel is relief that I stayed true to myself and didn't put myself out there as some chosen yogi or mystic. I am simply right brain dominant which is the result of only having one properly functioning eye. This has resulted in less stimulation going from the right eye to the left brain causing the right side of the brain to work harder to compensate. I don't know any of this to be true but it feels right and authentic to me. There have been times when I have let go of my brain theory and basked in the notion that I may have been 'chosen' but then something happens that brings me right back to earth. When I stay with my brain theory life works and is beautiful and magical which makes it right for me.

So this training is deepening the consciousness of the right side of my brain with a view to being a powerful teacher for others and I am so inspired by it. My plan once I am qualified to teach is to spend six months of the year teaching in England and then to go to India and teach for the other six months. It makes sense for a right brained person to be in a right brained country.

My training starts at 7.30pm and I think although this hasn't been confirmed that it will begin tomorrow morning with Sadhana at 5am which in this freezing cold weather will be something else for me to actually get up and attend. This training is going to test me in ways I have never dreamed off. There are going to be different barriers to overcome but....bring it on...I have never been more ready.

I have made a promise that I will write after every weekend of my training with both the highs and lows. And I promise that I will do that......