Tuesday, 20 November 2012

I am blogging on a new website..www.kundalinispiritualawakening.com

To my amazement I got a comment on a post that I had written many years ago. I haven't written on this site for a long time. I created another website called www.kundalinispiritualawakening.com and that is where I now blog. I haven't been the most consistent when it comes to blogging. In the past I wrote extensively. It seemed to be part of the process for integrating the strong Kundalini energy which rose in me in 1999. Re-reading some of the blog posts on this site I am struck by how freely I wrote then and how I wrote very much from the present and what was going on for me in each moment. My writing now has become a little academic and I'm not using myself so much as a case study for spirituality which is what I did for this blog. That said, I am incredibly grateful for this blog because it allowed me to write and make sense of my experience. In April I am putting on a UK conference called Kundalini Matters: Science, Psychosis or Serpent. The aim of the conference is to raise awareness of the power of the energy we all have within us. That energy behaves and manifests differently depending on the consciousness of who it rises up in. I have sufficiently integrated this energy into my consciousness now as to put on this conference without having it to be a platform for me to air my experience or views. I am bringing together 8 speakers from all the UK and the US to speak about the link between Kundalini and spiritual awakening/crisis. I have no attachment to the outcome. I just want to put on the best possible conference so that everyone who comes gets such a lot out of the day.