Monday, 12 May 2008

Lessons from China......

I watched the devastatation reaped by the massive earthquake in China last night and something woke me up early this morning to write this blog. I have written in the past about how I feel that as 2012 approaches that there is going to be a massive shift as the consciousness of humanity shifts from the human kingdom to the kingdom of the Soul. This earthquake and the cyclone that hit Burma recently is evidence of this shift beginning. I understand how easy it is to rationalise what happened in China by saying 'oh well China was built on top of 2 tectonic plates so it was bound to happen' but is this really the whole story? Does that feeling of unease truly go with this explanation. For me it doesn't. For me, there is something more going on as the earth shifts on its axis. I don't have premonitions of natural disasters like this but I wrote a couple of blog entries ago about the increasing sense of awareness I have of a power that if it didn't want me to cross the road safely would not allow me to do so. Sometimes the intensity of feelings and experiences I have do not come across in my blog entries. This is because in the past I haven't wanted to be too radical or maybe it's that I didn't have the confidence in myself to be direct and straight.

The earthquake in China has changed all that. The urgency with which I was woken to write this blog this morning shows me that there is a need for me to continue writing about the importance of a spiritual path. The earthquake in China should act as the first step on the spiritual path - the tauba - the turning away from the outer in order to begin the process of experiencing the inner. It is only the inner that gives sense to such catastrophic outside events. I defy anyone not to have felt (if he/she allowed themselves) a sense of helplessness and a sense of how small we are compared to the magnitude of nature. And from this experience of shame of being so small and helpless allow that turning point to the spiritual to allow itself to happen.

There is no doubt that that the dragon of the human kingdom is on its last legs. The dragon is always at its most dangerous when it is dying. In London yesterday there were 2 fatal stabbings of young boys. Something is going very badly wrong. I know in the past I have written that all of this is the Divine playing with its creation and its creations i.e. us as humans but the frequency by which human life is being snuffed out suggests to me that there are more forces at work. So much unhappiness in my opinion is the result of the Soul being denied access to the consciousness through our obsession with materialism and things external. This is leading to a build up of frustration by the Soul that is finding expression in uncharacteristic acts of violence. Underlying all acts of violence is fear. This fear is the frustration of not being able to break free of the ego. It is the ego that keeps the consciousness trapped.

Today let the earthquake in China be the starting point for the spiritual journey. It begins by taking responsibility for all of fear and anger that we have within us. The act of honestly taking responsibility without doing anything else begins the shift of consciousness necessary for spiritual awakening. It is me and only me who is responsible for every angry thought as well as every blissful feeling. The earthquake in China has given me an urgency that up to now I haven't felt. I am not able to trace back the source of this urgency only its strength.

Ideas can be disputed and debated, experiences can only be validated. I have written before that if I hadn't had a powerful inner energetic experience which expanded my consciousness and gave me the clear insight of the 3 stages of the spiritual path I would not be writing this blog. I can doubt my ideas and thoughts but I cannot and will not ever doubt the power of the experience I had and from which what I write stems. I can ask the question why me but this is a useless question. A better question is how do I inspire others to have the faith that the spiritual path is a real path with real fruits for the efforts spent in increasing self-awareness. This is the question I go to sleep with and wake up with each morning.....

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