Wednesday, 29 October 2008 book Journey to Self...has gone to the printers

Finally after a 2 year period my book 'Journey to Self' has gone to the printers. Events moved very quickly after I saw that my obsession with wanting to control everything meant that I hadn't progressed the book because I wouldn't have been able to control what happened after it was published. I have given all of that up and in its place have created the possibility of freedom and ease. The that I am launching the book at the Columbia Hotel in London at 7pm on Thursday 6 November (nearest tube Lancaster Gate). This is just so amazing. It has all come together. If I look back to when I had the insight about my obsession with control it was around the time of Manuel Schoch's death. I have written in an earlier blog how I considered him to be my teacher because of his combination of mysticism, psychiatry and expertise in neuroscience. Since he has died I have felt his presence so strongly.

What has been a strange co-incidence is that I am having the launch for my book in the Columbia Hotel on Thursday and then on Sunday in the same hotel at 10am there is going to be a memorial meditation service in memory of him for all of his students in London. This is a strangely comforting co-incidence for me. The suddenness of his death has still left me shaken. I had planned out a future where I would learn from him and perhaps in time be able to read Auras like he could and make a difference to people's' lives. I realise now that there is no-one else but me to do this. There is no-one else coming. I don't mean that in an arrogant egotistical way but only that each of us is responsible for the life we create. This can appear harsh to any reader who is finding life a challenge at the moment but the minute that we can take the responsibility for what is happening, then shift is possible.

I am so excited about launching my book. I will be sharing the platform with my friend Wai who has given talks around London. Wai is an amazing guy who has done detailed research into the brain and mysticism. He has quite an astounding hypothesis which is 'Everyone is God' and has written a book on the subject. It will be an honour and privilege to be sharing the evening with him. He is also bringing his video equipment so that some of the talk will be available on 'You Tube' so it is all so exciting at the moment. Yet I know that none of this would be possible if I hadn't given up wanting to be in control. I see my identity used my fear of the consequences of losing control as a way of keeping me less than self-expressed. Since I had this insight my verbal self-expression has been so powerful. I can tell it in how I can command the English language in a way that I couldn't before. I am sure that the state of Enlightenment is pretty close to giving up control. When we have no need to control life or the way it goes then this must surely be Enlightenment.

I am not charging people who come to the launch on Thursday evening. The book will be available and if people feel moved to buy a copy then that will be great. I won't charge because I don't know what the key is to raise the powerful energy that rests at the base of the spine. My message is that it is this energy which when raised results in the shift of consciousness from human to spiritual. My message is that it is a process that must be done slowly and gradually if the experience of the rising energy and the corresponding expansion of consciousness is to be integrated so that the consciousness can continue to operate in the world, albeit at a more elevated level.

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