Wednesday, 29 September 2010

More evidence.....for the power of the right side of the brain...

Now I am like a dog with a bone because after so many frustrating years speaking about and getting rejected and villified for my right brain theory, it seems like the idea of the shift of energy from the rational, logical, sequential left brain to the intuitive right side is gaining momentum. I feel like Osho who also intuitied something similar and didn't have his ideas taken up. I've come across a paragraph in a book written by Osho called 'Intuition' and this is what he has to say about the right side of the brain.

'Your brain is divided into two hemispheres, the right hemisphere and the left hemisphere. The right hemisphere is joined with the left hand and the left hemisphere is joined with the right hand - crosswise. The right hemisphere is intuitive, illogical, irrational, poetic, platonic, imaginative, romantic, mythical. The left hemisphere is logical, rational, mathematical, Aristoltelian, scientific and calculative. These two hemispheres are always in conflict. The left hand is concerned with the right hemisphere - intuition, poetry, myth - and the left hand is very much condemned. The society is of those who are right-handed - right handed means the left hemisphere'. He speaks about how in the past children who had a natural tendancy to write with their left hand were forced to write with their right hand and I remember this very well. This leads me to believe that the powers of the right side of the brain has been known about and kept secret for many many years. Osho continues 'Children who are born left-handed are basically irrational, intuitive, non-mathematical, they are dangerous to society so it forces them to become right-handed. It is not just a question of hands, it is a question of inner politics: the left handed child functions through the right hemisphere which society cannot allow, it is dangerous, so he/she has to be stopped before things go too far' Osho Intuition page 123.

Like everything I write and reference I am not claiming that this is the absolute bona fide truth but it mirrors a feeling I have had since a young girl when I knew that I was different but never understood why. My mother paid for me to have grinds in mathematics but the teacher gave up and left because there was no left brain ability there. Years ago I submitted the outline of a book to a publisher called 'right brain woman living in a left brained world' which got a deafening silent response. But I really do feel that the day of acknowledgement for the power of the right brain is fast approaching helped along by 3D films such as Avatar. When I was watching this I was struck by how the consciousness is being exposed to greater depth perception. Normally our consciousness is two dimensional, films like 3D Avatar give the consciousness the experience of 3D which is where evolution is shifting our consciousness to.

So with all of these developments I should be so excited and yet I'm not. I am quietly calm and confident that sooner rather than later spiritual awakening will be undeniably linked to right brain development....

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