Monday, 3 December 2007

When something matters there is no ego......

It was a very long day yesterday with the result that I have overslept this morning. This leaves very little time to write this blog entry. I have learned something very important that I want to share. The journey from human to spiritual is one of transcending the ego personality with its values of me and mine. The ego is subtle, when it's operation is discovered at one level which hides to emerge later in another more subtle form. It starts its life being open about wanting everything for itself and this takes the form of materialism. Then somewhere on the journey the consciousness wakes up to the fact that materialism for its own sake alone does not bring about the holy grail of enlightenment and the corresponding peace, joy and clarity.

This revelation is a shock to the ego and it sees that the game in the way it was playing it is up. The effect of this revelation on the person is that he/she may seek some kind of spiritual/religious path. This is all very well. However, there is one aspect of this path that the ego can use for itself and beneath the veneer of 'making a difference' is going all out to sabotage that intention. It uses the very valid and real concept of 'making a difference'. This is an admirable thing but the ego tends to get in there and it often becomes all about 'making a difference because it is important FOR ME' The moment the 'me' gets in there, that's the ego once again functioning more subtly to sabotage the path. The ego will say 'for me'. This is why it is very important to watch onself and one's feelings when there is the experience of making a difference to another, whether that is the acknowledgement that comes when you do something unconditionally for another, or you are the source of a person transforming their whole life. Making a difference matters, simply because it matters, not because it matters to me, and will make me feel good.

This is important to write about, ponder on and understand because it doesn't matter how pure the intention is where there is even a hint of 'me', that is the presence of ego and the whole purpose of the ego personality is to hang onto its identity at all costs. It never gives up its resistance to the inevitable evolutionary shift from human to spiritual. By being aware and vigilant over oneself the 'me' and 'my feelings' this journey can be greatly accelerated.

I understand now why many of my conversations with people speaking about this journey of transformation were not effective in inspiring people to take this on for themselves. It was because I was acting from the ego personality. I wanted people to do this for themselves because it made me happy. With this as my intention of course all of my actions would not be successful. There is something inherent in the design of human which works to sabotage everything when there is a sniff of 'me and what's in it for me'. This is both a source of amazement and frustration. What it seems to suggest is the only thing that works and is effective is complete de personalisation, a complete separation from the ego personality to allow the spiritual quality of the soul that has no 'me or mine' to emerge. With the soul, making a difference to people's lives and to life itself matters for no other reason or feeling than it matters. That's it, there's no reason, it just matters.

All of the other stuff about 'feeling good, powerful', this is just the involvement of the ego personality and if it's included in the main intention of making a difference will act to distort it. It seems a tough call but making a difference has nothing to do with me and how I am feeling. Something matters for no other reason than it matters. Manuel would say it is the effort of trying to describe/explain justify why it matters that kills the action or more precisely takes the energy which would produce that 'making a difference' with some kind of tangible result.

I love the way that all of the teachings I have learned from the different sources come together for me in this way. I am so grateful that I have the consciousness that can make these links. Once again I stress that the links I make I don't consider to be the Truth, only ideas to be considered.......

It's very late so I must go and get ready for work...

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