Saturday, 30 August 2008

The cosmic battle......played out in each human

Every day I become more aware of an inner battle between what I will call my identity or ego and my possibility or soul. The battle between the identity with its concepts of 'me' and 'mine' and the possibility with its concepts of 'love and connection'. I assert that in each of us this battle goes on. At the moment it is playing out for me in such a way that I am torn between my identity which wants to play small as I have said before and my possibility that is urging me to be a force for the transformation of human consciousness on the planet and thus the transformation of life itself. The effect on me of this intense inner battle is to leave me incredibly tired and uncertain about just about everything. Yet I know that this is a necessary stage in the transformation of consciousness because there is no shift or growth in the mind that is certain. To accept to be in a place of 'don't know' is to be in a powerful place with a consciousness that is vulnerable and accepting of shift.

For so many this place of 'don't know' is a scary place and so as humans we do everything to ensure that we don't go there. The most effective ways we do this is to form opinions and judgements and to be right in those opinions and judgements. In this way there is the comfort of certainty but the impact of this is that there is no growth and no shift of consciousness. In short, there is the stagnation of the consciousness whose very nature is to shift and transform. It is not so much the place of not knowing that is threatening but the length that the consciousness remains there which holds the unease. I look around me at everyone I know and on the outside they appear to not be in the place where I am at the moment. I have given up making myself wrong for creating this inner conflict within me and I am accepting that this is what is there for me at this time and trusting that out of it some transformation will happen which will touch, move and inspire others. This is transformation. It is not a one-off event but a continous unravelling of the consciousness until it shifts and shifts finally arriving at the point of nothingness or emptiness. When the consciousness reaches this point powerful creation is then possible.

We all create the worlds that we have. For some reading this who are dealing with some difficult events it's a hard thing to take on, that the world we have is what we have created but this is my assertion. To take responsbibility for that creation is the first step to shifting the consciousness towards this state of nothingness. All of the inner turmoil I experience within myself I have created as well as all of the external events that happen to me every day. I am 100% responsible for ALL OF IT. I'm not claiming this to be the truth but an idea to be played with and to see if really taking it on gives some freedom from feeling that we are only the play things of the Gods' I know that there may be some who are thinking 'but what about hurricane Gustav that is currently ripping through the caribbean, has the collective human consciousness created that also and I would assert that yes. But I must stress that this is just an assertion I am not claiming it to be the truth just an idea for the consciousness to play around with.

There is no objective world 'out there'. There is only what is created by consciousness. What would the world look like if everyone took on the responsibility that comes with being a creator and really took on that the human consciousness is powerful enough to create the world. I think that it would look like and be a totally different place......

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