Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Day 2 of my work experience placement…..

Day 2 of my work experience placement…..

I woke up early this morning and got up to do an hour of shorthand. I am determined to get between 80 -100 words per minute and the only way to do this is to do some every day. I get a buzz now out of being able to read it and in some ways find longhand tiresome now.

I had a shower and went downstairs to get some breakfast. I am really excited because I am organising a home introduction for the Landmark Forum here on Monday night. I’ve been sharing everything that I have been getting from the training and it has inspired the mother to have a home introduction. I have had 2 since I began this training and they are magical evenings. People see what’s possible for themselves and their lives and get excited about seeing that whatever it is they want for themselves and their lives is available from this training. I firmly believe that I am wearing the T-shirt to prove it. From it I have had my book published which I had written for 2 years but wouldn’t publish. I got the courage to leave a job I had no integrity to pursue a career I am passionate about. I have an ease and a peace with people and the ability to be at home and happy no matter where I am. I make requests from people and they say ‘yes’ without any hesitation. All of this and so much more I got from this training.

In the past I have written that the universe will always reward courage. I wrote that but the truth was that I really didn’t know what I was talking about because I had never showed any courage. I worked in a safe job and lived in a safe flat and my life was small. Now I feel I am authentic when I say the universe WILL AND DOES reward courage. Today I secured an interview for tomorrow morning with the person who developed the technique of Mind Mapping – Tony Buzan. I was given his press details, I called the agency and made the request to interview him and she rang back an hour later with the time and number to call him tomorrow. I couldn’t get over the speed or the freedom and ease with which it happened. I called 2 other people today for the article I am writing. Both were available and ready and willing to speak to me. I feel so fulfilled and happy and I know that it is a reward for the courage I showed to give up my safe job and safe flat.

The tenants moved into the flat on Sunday and usually there is something that isn’t right and so I had one eye on my mobile half-expecting a call from the letting agent about something or other but the mobile was silent. Concerned I called the agent today and he phoned me right back saying ‘no, they are very happy’ – again such freedom and ease when the life that is being lived has integrity. For the first time I really feel like I am true to what I say and what I write. I also got some great news about my book. I received the review that is going to be published in May and it has a ‘warmly recommended’ rating which I was delighted about. Not as delighted as my publisher who did some research and found that the catalogue is mailed out to about 50,000 people!

I’ve had some trouble with the link for the publishers website. It is all OK now so here it is if any reader wants to buy a copy. I can’t in integrity publish the review until it is officially published in may.


Yesterday I spoke to a Reiki healer and we got talking about channelling. She told me that when she is doing a Reiki healing that she always receives information from a higher power. I explained how I never hear anything like this and she said it is because I won’t allow myself to feel or experience the energy to the depth I would have to to be a channel for higher spiritual consciousness. This resonated with me and I realised ‘yes, I’m far more comfortable in my head, thinking and intellectualising about all of this stuff than I am to actually get in there with the spiritual people I speak about being connected to. There’s still such a huge amount of fear for me around things psychic and yet I think I realise that I can’t really achieve the spiritual until I am master of the psychic.

In the past I thought the spiritual path involved choosing between the psychic and the spiritual. I now think that embracing the psychic is necessary to achieve full spiritual awakening and expanded consciousness. I want to skip the starter and get to the main course. But what if the starter is necessary to get to the main course and the reason why I am feeling stuck spiritually even though everything is flowing with an ease and harmony is because of my fear of the psychic. So perhaps what there is for me to do is to immerse myself in the psychic. Go to medium evenings and things like that. If I am to start doing that, it will make for an interesting blog because my natural inclination for things like this is to be sceptical. But my scepticism is not getting me very far in terms of being able to write with authority on spiritual matters above a certain point. I have reached that point and laboured it ad nauseum so now it is time for something new……

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