Friday, 22 May 2009

Memories of India......

For this weekend of my last team management and leadership course. I have opted to stay in a budget B&B in London. I have done this because I want to get in a couple of hours of study before my two long days. Yet in spite of all this and my exams looming I felt such bliss, peace, contentment and happiness when I woke this morning. This year where I have been trained in becoming a master in powerful ways to communicate has been just amazing. It has given me a courage and an adventure for life that I never thought was possible. I do not recognise myself as the same person I was when I started this training one year ago. I think if people look back at how I was when I began writing this blog and how I am now, the shift is quite amazing.

I saw the power of this training once again at a recent event where I was asked a question and instead of considering it gave the first answer that came to me...duh....wrong..and the person concerned got apoplectic with rage threatening me with all sorts if I repeated what I said again. Before I did this training and learned how to be steady in the face of any verbal attack I would have dissolved into tears and been a mess. As a result of this training I had the presence not to react and to see her commitment to me and her concern that I wouldn't give the same answer in the future. This would not have been possible before the training as I would not have been able to stay steady. This amazed not only me but also the others who were present. They were more angry than I was about the whole thing. In my non-reaction and calmness was an shakeable power. The training I am completing this weekend has made me like a rock, the waves of life, crash around me, but I remain steady.

This has deepened my resolve to become a Landmark Forum leader for children and young people. I don't want any young person to have to wait until their mid-40s before they have the skills for being powerful in the face of everything that life throws, I want to be in there making a difference when the identity is forming so that it can be one that empowers and doesn't limit. However I am aware that there is the matter of getting this qualification and also a job in order to finance all of these lofty ideas of mine, but I am confident that a way will open and what needs to happen will happen.

As I write this I am sitting in the lobby of the B&B and I can tell from the language being spoken which is Hindi that this is an Indian owned, if not managed guesthouse. The facilities here also remind me of India and Nepal and staying in places that really were not fit for the habitation of animals never mind me as a homo sapiens that I am not phased by this place. It has free internet which to me is brilliant and means I can write this entry before making my way to the centre to begin my weekend which starts with acknowledgement for what all of us have achieved over the year...I am so excited about it all.

I am attaching a link to an article which a man called William Meader has written. Based in Oregon he is over in the UK to give talks and a retreat. When I lived in London I was drawn to going to a workshop he gave on intuition. As I was walking up the escalator to get to the workshop I saw that William was ahead of me on the escalator (I recognised him from his pic on the internet). I focussed intently on watching him and then to my amazement he turned around and looked down as if he had sensed someone watching him. For some reason this impacted. His workshop was quite theoretical and academic and he's not in the same class as Eckardt Tolle for me but there is something in the way he writes and what he writes that resonates. He has published a new article about Awakening which I am giving the link for here. It says similar things to me but he is a much better writer than me. I am mentioning it to give faith to Harry and others like him that we are not lone pioneers on this path. The link is:

It's now time for me to go to be a part of the magic of global communication as people from London, Israel and Amsterdam come together to share the magic and miracles that are only possible in communication and by putting ourselves at risk. What I have got from this year which I will take with me is that the only two things that are permanent and I can stake everything on commitment and my word. Everything else in terms of thoughts, feelings, view, opinions are all transient and impermanent. What can be counted on in all situations is commitment and integrity.....

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