Saturday, 23 May 2009

When not being present, alert and aware costs

Today was amazing. Being part of a group of people who are lit up by causing love and affinity in communication throughout the world was both inspiring and humbling. And yet, I was aware that I am more than ready to complete this leg of my transformational journey. When the day was finished those of us who are finishing at the end of the weekend went for something to eat and I was so aware of the joy, love and connection there was between us. I also shared with the group about what the year made possible for me and when I declared my intention to be a powerful and effective leader for children and young people I was conscious of loud applause. For the first time this made my stand real. I had declared it in front of almost 100 people, a combination of people from London, Israel and Amsterdam.

After the meal I made my way back to the guest house. On the way I stopped at a cash point machine because I only had a couple of pounds and wanted to get some money. At the next cash point was a man I did not recognise until he said hello to me. When I looked closely he was a guy I recognised from a cafe where I often get a coffee when I am early for an agreement or a team meeting. Instead of paying attention to what I was doing, I began chatting with him about the lovely warm evening. The dithering meant that the machine swallowed my card so that in an instant I went from the possibility of having money to the reality of not having any. What was amazing for me was how calm I was when it happened. The guy when he realised what had happened was very sorry for interfering with my concentration but I didn't blame him at all. It was my responsibility to mind my own business and to concentrate on what I was doing. I didnt....and I paid the price. The guy beat a hasty retreat after this and I went off to find someone who could do something, knowing deep down that nothing could be done to offset my blatant stupidity.

I found a policewoman who walked out to the machine with me. As we walked and talked my mind was going over the options I had. I knew that I had enough banked up on my train card to take me back to the hotel and to my meeting tomorrow. Once I get to the meeting I know that I can borrow some money, enough to tide me over until I can get into the bank on Tuesday. Once again this training to be powerful in the face of everything that life throws has paid off in that I didn't panic.. In the place of stress and panic was clearheadedness and calm. Before I did this training with Landmark Education this would not have been possible as I would have been so stressed and pannicked. I have just finished speaking with my bank who as I expected can't do anything except issue a replacement card which is going to take seven days at least to reach me.

This reminds me of something I heard about the three kinds of business there are. One kind is my own business, another is someone else's business and the third is God's business. Suffering comes whenever we come out of our own business and go into another's - by either having an opinon, view, judgement on what another should be doing, saying etc. Tonight instead of minding my own business, I went into anothers and paid the price. And yet, out of it I have yet more proof of the power offered by the technology I have spent many years aiming for mastery over. Each event like this and how I handle it convinces me of the power of this training.

But it has taken its toll on me in that I am very tired now so I'm going to sign off....

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