Tuesday, 25 March 2008

The power of loyalty......

After an absence of writing this blog I am choosing to return to writing it. I have chosen this for a number of reasons. I have analytics on this blog and to my absolute amazement I have seen that even though I have not written any entry since early December 2007 that this blog is continuing to be read by people all over the world.

What is even more surprising to me is that there are also people returning to read the blog. Now I'm not a genius at interpreting analytics and statistics. That to me is a very left brain function and I am a self-declared right brained woman who loses the will to live when presented with statistics, but to my simplistic way of seeing these analytics, this blog is serving some purpose. Given this, I have chosen to return to writing entries. I will not be writing every day as this put immense pressure on me last time around. My book is still in the publication process but the main work has been done.

If this blog is interesting, useful, informative to at least one person then that is motivation enough for me to write to it from time to time. Like last time it is going to continue to be a spiritual blog but the spiritual cannot be separated from the human so I will take from being human and put a spiritual slant on it. As always what I write are only ideas to be considered, I do not consider them to be the truth and they are open to debate and discussion. But if something of what I write resonates then that's not to be ignored. When something resonates as being true it will be felt in the body, it is like the soul responds and resonates.

I have also missed writing. I find that in my writing I reveal things that I didn't even know I knew. So it is my own form of magic which I don't want to hide any longer.

The irony with the transformation from human to spiritual is that when it happens there is no awareness that it is happening. One day the state of being is one thing, and then suddenly it's another. This doesn't happen overnight, it is a very long process, oftentimes a many lifetimes process. But at one point the transformed state of being will be noticed, but the process by which it has come about will be largely unconscious.

The metamorphosis of the caterpillar to the butterfly is the closest example that I can think of. I may have written about this before but while the caterpillar is a caterpillar it has no idea of its potential as a butterfly. When the caterpillar becomes the butterfly it has no memory of being the caterpillar. I know I am asserting a lot here namely that the butterfly doesn't have the consciousness to remember that it was once a caterpillar. But for arguments sake let's assume that once the caterpillar becomes the butterfly it has no memory of what it was like to be a caterpillar or how it became a butterfly. All it knows is that it is now a butterfly.

The transformation of the human to the spiritual is exactly the same. The hard work in terms of reading, studying, meditation, contemplation is done while in caterpillar form (human) and then there is a period of incubation (everything is let go) and then from nothing comes the butterfly (the transformed person). To some reading this it might seem simplistic and rather far-fetched but when I consider this my whole body resonates so that I know that what I have written here is true for me.

When the magic of transformation happens the consciousness recognises the unity behind what seems to be separate. I use the example of being in a dark room. Around the room there are mirrors and in the middle of the room stands a lighted candle. When consciousness is transformed there is the realization that in spite of it appearing that there are many candles in the room (reflection of the one in the many mirrors), the reality is that there is only the one candle. But this realization is not the end of the spiritual journey it is just evidence of reaching the stage of knowing THE SELF. When we know THE SELF we become aware of the unity and connection behind everything that appears to be separate.

It is the existence of what seem to be opposites that produces the energy that creates the tension necessary for opposites to exist. The tension created between the opposites of good/bad, fat/thin, up/down produces energy. These opposites creates the tension necessary for the energy to create the illusion of separation. When the unity behind these opposites is realized all of that tension and energy disappears and that which appeared separate is unified and harmonized.

This is the shift from consciousness to awareness. Consciousness is necessary to see opposites and thus separation, the state of awareness sees none of this separation. This is why when the consciousness transforms to awareness there is no memory of consciousness. When a person in meditation achieves awareness, there is no consciousness. While someone in meditation is aware of the thoughts in the mind, their coming and going there is consciousness. Deep meditation is the state of awareness and not consciousness. Samadhi is the state of awareness not consciousness. With awareness there is nothing, with consciousness there is something. The state of being of a transformed person is that of awareness not consciousness no matter how refined that consciousness might be, it is not that revered state of nothingness......