Sunday, 3 May 2009

I woke up this morning still feeling deeply happy and contented. I know that my consciousness has shifted yet again. I'm finding it difficult to find the words to express exactly what is happening. I feel a new level of peace and calm. I have been thinking of Manuel Schoch a lot and realised when I was sitting looking out at the sea yesterday that much of the accleration I have experienced has been since he died. I see his face in my mind so often and can't help a feeling that he is close to me and involved in these shifts in some way.

I showered and dressed and got ready to go to see an Earthship development (Eco-friendly house) and interview one of the Directors who was involved in its development. I arrived there early as is my way and I got chatting to a man who is interested in building an Eco-friendly home on land that he bought in Thailand three years ago. It was a fascinating conversation that flowed until I mentioned about writing some notes and then he became all cagey saying that he didn't want me to say anything that put pressure on him for having to do it. I immediately thought of the years training I am doing which is all about declaring what you are going to do and then others holding you to account for it being done, as a foundation for power. I tried to say this and immediately realised that I was going into the old model of communication which is about controlling and defending instead of accepting and going into the other person's world. I said something about the power of being held to account but when I saw that it didn't land and it was likely to provoke I let it go and went into his world, the world of the pressure he feels when he says to someone that he will do something and it doesn't get done. The result for him is that now he tells nobody what he is going to do and three years on there is still nothing done.

Gradually other people turned up for the tour of this Earthship and we all set off. At various points along the way the guide explained different aspects of how the project had been developed and funded. Once at the development I looked at it with curiousity for what had cost a quarter of a million pounds to build and heard about the materials that were used in its construction i,e old tyres and chalk for the walls and the floor that is constructed of rejects from lime quarries. The electricity is provided by solar panels and a wind turbine. I had a camera and did take pics but am such a ludite when it comes to the tools of my trade i.e uploading images and video files that none are going to go up here. On the tour was a man who kept taking photographs. I asked him if he was a photographer and he explained that he was an Architect who is writing a book on Earthship development. He asked me what I was doing here and I explained that I am writing an article on low carbon initiatives and that this is one I am covering. He gave me his email address and asked me to send him a copy of the article when I had it written.

When the tour was over I asked the guy who had given it some questions and he was very willing to speak to me. I found that the words freelance journalist bring with them a certain authority in that once I explained this people considered what they were saying to me. Interview finished I made my way back to the main car park. I stopped off for a coffee and sat outside. On the way I passed a woman wheeling a man in a wheelchair and she was speaking in a bright and breezy manner and not receiving much response from the wheelchair occupant. They came to the same table as I was and from the conversation I gleaned that he was once fit and healthy and something had caused it that he was now in a wheelchair. She continued to be bright and breezy but it wasn't enough to lift his spirits. He seemed to be stuck in the past and in how good things had been and every so often he tried to bring her back to this. She didn't seem to want to go there and would force the pace back to friendly but the love she had for him was so obvious and my heart went out to both of them. It looked like he used to be fit and active and to now be wheelchair bound was something he was finding difficult to accept. Yet acceptance when things like this happen is the only way to be happy. Resistance causes suffering as what we resists becomes stronger.

I drove back and sat for a while looking out over the sea. I was supposed to go to London to hear my friend speak about a theory of the brain that he has been working on for many years last night but cancelled it because I have been in London three times over the last week. His commitment and dedication to his brain theory is causing a lot of excitement in London, he is developing it as a kind of software programme. If anyone wants to check out his site, here it is

It's been a really good day today...freedom, ease and fun.....