Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Have just seen....interview with Gordon Brown

I've just watched a snippet of an interview with Gordon Brown where he was asked about his vision. He said that he had 'lost the sight in one of his eyes'. Why didn't he say that he had no sight in his left eye. There is something about his not revealing which eye that has left me feeling uncomfortable. Is it a co-incidence that the lack of sight in his left eye (going to the right brain) has meant that his left brain has compensated to the extent that before Prime Minister he was Chancellor of the Exchequer. Is it any surprise that with the superior left brain functioning that he was the man who put together a package to take the UK out of recession which other countries soon emulated. Is it any co-incidence that his lack of right brain abilities in terms of charisma and charm maybe the cause of the alleged refusal by the American President to meet him. The right brain qualities are not there because the sight through the left eye to stimulate the right side of the brain is not possible due to the non-conductance of the visual stimulus to the brain.

I liken it to the two kidneys. When one kidney fails the other kidney takes over. No difference in functioning is found because both kidneys peform the same function. The right and left side of the brain performs different functions so when one half is not operating effectively the other side takes over to compensate. This results in accentuated right or left brain abilities. It makes perfect sense to me and I feel frustrated that nobody else can see it. Everything happens in the brain. There is nothing else but the stimulation of different areas of the brain that result in different experiences and perceptions.

I am the other side of the spectrum. The lack of sight in my right eye has meant that my left brain abilities are limited. In contrast the abilities of the right brain are advanced which is why I can have powerful spiritual experiences and still be grounded. I can read all kinds of spiritual texts and there is no learning involved. I have no proof for what I write here just a gut feeling. There are just too many 'co-incidences' for me to think that Gordon Brown having had the highest left brain job in the land but unable to demonstrate the right brain abilities of charm, charisma and me having powerful spiritual experiences that are usually attributed to the right brain is merely co-incidence. There is something else at play in this. I am sure of this. Why didn't he say which eye he had lost the vision in.....something about this is bugging me....

Maybe I will find an answer in my dreams.....

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