Friday, 4 September 2009

My first full weekend.....of the leadership training....

I woke up this morning full of delicious anticipation for the weekend. I can't believe how organised I am for this training. Everything is flowing so well and I read somewhere that when life is easy and flows that whatever one is doing is in line with what the universe wishes. I had a dental appointment and then was meeting the people who are renting my flat. The woman has just been made redundant so I didn't know what to expect. But it was all great and everything is resolved to enable me to continue with the life I have. My dentist who I have been with for many years asked me what I was doing that I looked so well and happy. I said simply 'I am in integrity'. He looked a little bemused and said 'that's good, it's definitely working'.

I had been having pain in a tooth which is why I made the appointment and was dreading the word 'hundreds of pounds' for any dental work that I needed but to my surprise he said that he couldn't see any decay and it might be a small infection and gave me a prescription for anti-biotics so that was also a lovely welcome surprise.

And now I am early for the start of this training and am in an internet cafe. Earlier in the week I took out my manual and reading the principles on which the training is based brought a different level of clarity to something I knew intuitively was very powerful. Having the manual and seeing how the training is put together and learning off paragraphs has given me the access to looking at life in a whole different way. I was reminded about how much I love books and study and this training is not about the intellect and doing mental gymnastics it's about inspiring others to have these tools to have a life which is magical in every way. The life I now live is better than anything I could ever have imagined. But it took me the courage to trust in the benevolence of the universe and once that inner calling came to trust and act on it.

This morning before I left I looked on You Tube for videos on the Kundalini energy and I found one which quite shocked me. The lady who was doing it was so cavalier about waking the energy, it felt like she was teasing it and taunting it a little which really shocked me. I felt the strongest urge to find a way to warn her about what she was playing with having an attitude like that to such a powerful energy which is more a fire than an energy. But I am not here to rescue anyone. I have to trust in the innate intelligence of the energy and why it rises and when it rises. Me feeling like this is simply me being judgemental and superior.

My time is about out now........

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