Friday, 4 April 2008

Stillness is the result of no resistance.....

It was a beautiful morning in London today so I donned my trainers and set off walking through the park to work. I had forgotten the simple pleasure that this has always given to me. It is where I find my deepest connection and closeness to that energy which is difficult to name. Amidst the beauty of nature my consciousness expands as to become one with the flowers on the cherry blossom tree. There is no separation between me and those flowers, I am those flowers. This glimpse that I get treated to most strongly when I am out and about in nature is so precious to me. With this connection there is no evaluating or describing, there is just stillness and complete absorption. There is total receptivity to what I see, total receptivity is no resistance and no resistance is stillness.

How does resistance prevent stillness? Resistance to accepting things the way they are and the way they aren't creates a movement of energy. Moving energy prevents stillness. Accepting something the way it is and the way it is not does not mean that one has to agree/like/welcome whatever is being resisted it is just an acceptance to halt the flow of energy. Acceptance also frees up any blocked energy so that it becomes available to shift consciousness. This is why all of the major religions and philosophies have emphasised the importance and power of forgiveness. To forgive means to no longer have any resistance to the event or person against whom there was a resistance to acceptance. Forgiveness if it is seen purely as a tool for freeing up trapped energy so that more becomes available is a powerful reason for us to forgive. Resistance hurts no-one only the person who is hanging onto it. The cost of not giving up resistance is a loss of stillness.....which for me is too big of a price to pay.

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