Saturday, 19 April 2008

Your destiny is in your spine.....Hamsa (Yogi)

The title of this blog entry is taken from a video I saw on You Tube after I had finished writing last night. I was restless after writing my blog and wondering for the umpteenth time what is it that lies dormant at the base of the spine. My inner voice which I call intuition was insistent that I go onto You Tube. I typed in the URL and then spirituality in the search box. Up came lots of videos from different spiritual people. I scrolled down and one seemed to practically scream out at me. It was a video on Kriya Yoga by a Yogi called Hamsa. I had never heard of this Yogi. I clicked on play and in a couple of seconds saw a well and healthy looking Yogi sitting on a cushion. The sound quality wasn't good in parts but I sat right up when he said 'your destiny is in your spine'. He smiled, looked around at his audience and said 'you don't want me to be more specific than that'. I immediately felt a shiver go up my spine and I knew without doubt what he meant. Our destiny is in our spine. There is a power at the base of the spine which makes each of us as human a Divine incarnation. In this way we are all a spark of the great energy of creation. This is the great secret which the body holds.

The Yogi didn't go on to say anything about this power. He talked about the dangers of materialism. He had a sense of humour which I found endearing and it confirmed my assertion that this is a path to play with and have fun. He was speaking about seeing a red Ferrari when he was walking around some streets in America. On the back window was the sticker 'She's red, she's hot and she's mine'. He laughed when he said this and he said that materialism was exactly like this, the gathering of things and then the declaration of them as me or mine. What is forgotten is the force that enabled the person to enjoy the Ferrari in the first place. The unmanifest which underlies everything in the manifested world. Taking on a spiritual path is always being aware of the unmanifest or that which is unseen in everything that is seen. Similar to the wave on the ocean, don't focus on the wave, look to merge with the ocean.

I can remember many years ago going to the cinema. At one point I felt an impulse to look around to see where the film was coming from. What I saw was one bright light but the result was to have a multitude of images on a screen. A multitude of images yet all coming from the one bright light. Something about this struck me as very important. I was young then and didn't understand what it was about the light and the images that struck me so forcibly. Now I understand that for me it was a demonstration of the one behind the many.

I was out walking today and I came across a newly opened Yoga shop not far from where I live. I walked in and went straight to the book section. My eyes fell upon a book by Paul Brunton. I have read a lot of the work of Paul Brunton. I find his common sense and sceptical attitude like a breath of fresh air. Like me he didn't have any time for parlour tricks such as clairvoyance or other psychic abilities. He sees them as distractions from the real spiritual path. I am very much with him on this. Occult or psychic gifts are possible on a spiritual path. They are possible because of an ability to manipulate matter. But they are also traps. It is interesting that in the end what convinced him of the reality of the spiritual path wasn't anything he read or heard but his own experience. This is the ultimate proof of the path.

I recognise that I am at a crossroads. I am walking this path very much alone. I'm not a part of any spiritual group. I don't have a guru or spiritual teacher. Yet I am aware that there are people who are more advanced on this path than me and perhaps it is time for me to find one with whom I resonate and who resonates with me. For this reason I found myself buying this book by Paul Brunton. It's called 'A Search In Secret India - The classical work on seeking a Guru. The spiritual arena like every arena has its fair share of fakes and charlatan's and a high degree of spiritual discernment is needed not to fall off the incredibly narrow ledge that is the spiritual path.

He says on page 13 'One heard much of certain so-called holy men who possessed repute of having acquired deep wisdom and strange powers; so one travelled through scorching days and sleepless nights to find them - only to find well-intentioned fools, scriptural slaves, venerable know-nothings, money-seeking conjurers, jugglers with a few tricks, and pious frauds'

I haven't read far into the book but I feel that when I come to the end I will know whether or not a search for a Guru is the next step on my path......

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