Thursday, 3 December 2009

I got it.....the shift of consciousness that is coming is the shift from left brain to right brain.....

Lying in my bed with an empty mind looking at the sky from my window I was suddenly hit by the realization that the shift of consciousness that is coming is from the left brain which is rational, doing things in sequence, logistical - in short the qualities of mind, to the right brain which is wholistic, works as a synthesis pulling everything together, starts with the big picture and works back. I assert that this is what is going to happen and the shift is going to give rise to a raft of different experiences. It is the shifting of consciousness from left to right brain that characterises the development of a human being. When we begin life as babies up to puberty it is the consciousness of the right brain that is dominant. The development of language stimulates the left brain but it is not until puberty that the consciousness shifts from the right to the left. Then traditionally the left brain dominates and it becomes the mind with its emphasis on reason, logic, doing things in sequence to arrive at the end picture, that becomes dominant. Then into old age the consciousness once again shifts to the right brain as people prepare for death.

What I have intuited is going to happen is that there is going to be a universal shift of consciousness from the left to the right brain and it is this that is going to cause an explosion in spiritual consciousness. I feel so excited as I write this. The insight has come through so clearly this morning and was perfectly formed so there was no working out on my part. So what is there for us as human beings to do to get ready for this shift so that it doesn't overhwelm us? The most important thing is to stay steady. The more we approach 2012 the quicker that all of the institutions that have been created by the left brain consciousness are going to break down. This is not something to be worried or concerned about because what is coming in its place will be unrecognisable in terms of the peace and harmony there will be in the world. The left brain was all about separation, competition and scarcity. The right brain consciousness is all about unity, co-operation and abundance and I for one just cannot wait to be part of this new paradigm. For months now I have been enquiring into how is this shift of consciousness that I know without a doubt is coming, how is it going to manifest and this morning I received my answer.

The potential of the right brain is relatively unexplored territory and I can see it leading to all kinds of amazing discoveries that make life richer and more magnetic for human being. Although whether there will still be the race called homo sapiens after the consciousness has shifted universally has yet to be seen....I believe there will but then again I don't know for sure.

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