Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Still eerily quiet......out there.....

The problems in the world today are because somewhere each of us is failing to take full responsibility for ourselves - Joseph Ryan. The first sentence of this post came from a man who sent me a copy of a paper entitled 'Paper presented to the World Congres on Psychology And Spirituality, 2008 New Delhi, India, 5-8 January 2008 by Meera Sharma & Dr. Joseph F. Ryan - Mind-East&West - Bridging the Gap.

There was much food for thought in this paper. The opening sentence is one I took from this paper because as human beings the one thing we hate to do above anything else is to take responsibility. To take responsibility that we are the creators of the life that we have. This is the ultimate responsibility and is the one most feared by human being. But until each and every one of us can take full responsibility for ourselves nothing else is possible. And taking full responsibility does not involve judgements as to what has been created in the past. Taking responsibility is not about judging or making ourselves or others wrong it is simply about taking responsibility.

Spiritual awakening starts with taking responsibility. When something happens and I get upset it's about taking the responsibility that I am the creator of that upset and looking to see what was missing in me and my way of being that brought about that result. In the past when I used to try to explain this process to people what would come to me were comments like 'ah, you're too hard on yourself' and I think looking back I was because instead of stopping with the simple yet courageous act of taking responsibility I would then go into making myself wrong and this is where I lost my power. There is no loss of power by accepting responsibility, in fact power is gained when we take responsibility.

Call me a bit paranoid but I'm always nervous when I begin to make myself visible because things tend to shift. This morning when I logged onto Facebook there was a letter from the owner about 'proposed changes' to tighten privacy amongst other things. In the past I used to entertain thoughts that everything I write about is known at a much higher level and the Queen once famously referred to 'dark forces'. Every so often triggered by something like this or unable to get into this blog I have a few moments entertaining these kinds of thoughts. But I'm sure that these changes were planned for a while and it's now time to reveal them to the Facebook world community.

My only message is that to awaken spiritually we have to find a way to come out of the mind. As you can imagine what has been reading this over the last few days is the collective mind!...so I have a formidable challenge. The no-mind has not reached a collective mass yet and so I shouldn't be surprised when my comments are not being greeted with open arms. What I write is a challenge for the mind and having operated unfettered for thousands of years which is why we have moved so little spiritually it's now behaving like an angry dragon. It was created to reflect the Self and as a route to Self but somehow it has become distorted from its original purpose. How this has happened and more importantly why I really have no idea. All I can see how the effects of it in terms of the escalation in the suffering which people are experiencing at the moment and the breakdown of structures that were considered permanent, safe and secure.

Waking up again this morning I was restless. I will go to the gym later and see if I can get some relief from this awful feeling of urgency. Then later I have my evening of mindfulness meditation which I will go to. I have to remember that it is only a game...but oftentimes...it feels so much more....

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