Friday, 24 April 2009

I only have a few minutes to scribe this entry before going to my team meeting. What am I going to do at the end of May when this year ends and I'm no longer chasing my tail trying to fit everything in. It's been a relatively quiet day. We had a journalist who writes for the Daily Mail come in to speak to us and it was reassuring to know that even in these lean economic times for journalists that the Mail continues to take on casual staff for paid shifts. It is somewhat ironical that having moved out of London many of the big journalism opportunities are in London. Yesterday I had a thought to write to a local newspaper and see if they would take me on for work experience when I finish this course. Even though the course is an 18 week course for magazines I have really enjoyed the news component of the course and think I would like the buzz of working with a team on a local newspaper.

Some of my comments to other websites are beginning to pay off, at least in terms of getting responses to them. It has been pointed out that this kind of blog is not good for attracting general interest in terms of pitching for articles so yesterday I went into town and got some telephone numbers off cards in shops. I'm going to write an article on meditation but rather than me waxing lyrical about what the benefits are. I'm going to lose my subjectivity and do a kind of comparative analysis piece about the different kinds of meditation. I did some web research and was amazed at how meditation has grown since the days of when I thought that there was only Serenity and Insight meditation. Now there's visualiszation, relaxation, sound, so I think that someone coming to it new might be somewhat confused at how they differ from each other.

My feeling is that the principle and aim of all of them is the same, it is just the technique that is used to get there that is different. Like the different ways people learn, whether that is visual, kinetic and I can't remember what the others are, I suppose it is the same with meditation that it's not a case of one kind fits all and so in that way it will be interesting researching the kinds of people who might benefit from the different techniques.

The big challenge for me is finding the time to do all of this but it excites me and that is all that is neeeded for the required motivation to bubble up from the depths.....

Must go now or will be late and have to restore my integrity which is something I have managed to avoid all of this quarter.....apologies if it reads rushed and not very well edited.

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