Tuesday, 4 August 2009

I am totally fed up of getting emails saying that someone is following me on Twitter. The initial warm fuzzy glow gets well and truly stamped out when I click on the profile and read the biogs - most are for network marketing. How in the world does what I put on Twitter compute with network marketing. In my limited Internet world, it doesn't. I think I have annoyed someone with one of my Tweets. This person wrote how easy it is to 'hurt feelings even when what is said is the truth'. When I read this I couldn't resist and I responded with 'people often confuse opinions and points of view with truth, there is no real truth only what people take to be true based on their opinion and point of view'..ouch....think it really hit because not long after I read a Tweet where someone had given the web address for a specific site where spiritual Tweets could be published!

This is a challenge for me, do I continue putting up my 140 pearls of wisdom on the main site or do I bow to the pressure from the conventional and scurry away to the sacred Tweeters website. I have absolutely no notion of doing the latter. I don't like being uncomfortable which is what I am putting philosophical/spiritual Tweets on a main Twitter site but if one of those Tweets makes a difference to one person who wouldn't go on a 'sacred-Tweeter' website then I am willing to take the chance of pissing off many people to make a difference to one. I have another reason for being so pigheaded about not wanting to move...

I have spoken about the identity and of its vested interest in keeping people asleep. The only way to shift this is to catch the identity unaware. This can be done by a person reading something that he or she was not expecting to read. This unexpected event can shift the consciousnesss so that the grip of the identity becomes less for just a split second but that might be just enough to begin the process of awakening leading to spiritual transformation. The identity is clever and knows that if the person is going to a spiritual website the kind of thing that is going to be there and so it arms itself with opinions about what is going to be there, views on it - all in the name of being spiritual. The spiritual ego is in so many ways much more pervasive and subtle than the materialistic ego. This is why there is a need to be so vigilant following the first mystical/spiritual experience. It is so easy to make such an event mean that the person is special or chosen in some way. It doesn't mean this. All it means is that something has happened which has so engaged the consciousness that the person has become fully absorbed in what is happening. That complete absoption forms a portal for the awakening of normally dormant areas of the brain and marks the start of the emergence of that which is not-mind/identity.

Access to this portal is for me the ultimate goal of human being and marks the shift through to the next kingdom of evolution - the spiritual kingdom. I am clear that this shift is coming. I am intrigued with what is happening with swine flu. I don't know what way it is going to play out come the flu season but I do feel that it is going to play a major part in the next evolutionary shift. The most important thing is not to panic because panic attracts fear which attracts the virus. I was so tempted to say this to a woman I saw at Victoria station who was wearing a mouth mask. I felt like going up to her and saying 'do you understand that your fear about getting this might be the very thing that brings it to you'. But I didn't. Why....I was scared to do so...Steadiness and keeping calm is what is going to win this one. I couldn't believe it when I heard that almost 9 million people went on the Internet to log into the flu website. This is ridiculous and just spreads fear and panic.

This evening I have my kundalini yoga and I am really looking forward to it. I never thought that I would say that because I have been the one that has said that the kundalini energy should not be messed with but I have shifted and now feel an ease and comfort with this energy which I have experienced and now don't fear at all. Unlike other forms of yoga kundalini is done with the eyes closed and the lights down so it is truly a personal experience of the merger of the consciousness and the energy as they become one.....

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