Monday, 10 August 2009

I'm so excited.....I can't sit still

I've just taken a call from my publisher and I am so excited that the person she went to see at the India High Commission wants to publish my book in both Hindi and Gujerati. I am finding it so hard to get my head around this. I had thought Hindi maybe, but never any other language. This is just beyond anything I ever thought was possible. It is also important to me for another reason and that is that it is proof that I am an authentic writer and this means more to me than anything else. Someone else has read my story and sees in it the potential for it to touch, move and inspire others on the spiritual path and for this I am so so happy. My publisher when I spoke to her seemed stunned, I don't think she can believe it herself. To be recognised as someone who knows what she is speaking about when she writes is all I have ever wanted and especially as a westerner writing about what has been the preserve of the east in a way which the east recognises as honest and authentic. What I have to do now is to watch my ego. I am only a vehicle for the truth of spiritual transformation. This blog is about a process not about me as a person and I must never lose sight of that.

Harry.....where's your story.....once it's out there in print, you have no idea where it will lead, so my request to you is.....JUST WRITE IT!

I emailed the shop today to apologise for my behaviour when I was last in the shop and to re-assert that I would like to be able to give the talk and meditation course and that I will asssume that everything is OK unless I hear to the contrary. Then I went and put up two more posters in a cafe and health food shop. I'm off to Ireland to my family on Wednesday and I'm not sure how good the internet access will be so I was hoping to have all of this wrapped up before I went.

Off now to London for my money seminar which I had included when I reviewed the forum. It's been an amazing seminar in terms of distinguishing who I am that money is. Interestingly, humans are the only species that have money, my flatmates cat doesn't have a cheque book, so it is possible that money is a game made up by humans......absolutely fascinating stuff.....more annon... I must stop grinning, it's going to look very strange on the train...

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