Friday, 11 September 2009

The more I consider it....the more convinced I am about right brain/left brain difference

Since writing my blog entry a couple of days ago, I have been pondering hard on the left brain/right brain split and the different functions each side of the brain performs. I have noticed that once a young person reaches puberty that I don't seem to relate to them as well as I did when they were young. I had a painful example of this with the child of a friend of mine. I got to know this child from when he was a young boy. When he was young we had great chats about magic and being anything that he wanted to be. He loved those programmes about superhero's with special powers and I love these too. I told him that it is possible for humans to have those powers, he can have those powers. These times were magical.

Then he hit puberty and one time I went to visit and he was different with me. Eventually he said to me 'you lied to me'. I was so shocked I just said 'what did I lie about'. He said 'you told me that I could have special powers but that's all a lie, there is no special powers there is just technology, this is where the power is'. I was so shocked. How could I explain to this young adult now that I firmly believe in magic and the ability of humans to have special powers and that I hadn't lied. Since then that young adult boy has never been there when I have called and has refused invitations to come to visit me. I am sad about this but I see it as the shift of consciousness that characterises puberty. I've seen it happen in my nieces also and I have been powerless to change it.

The consciousness continues to operate mostly from the left side of the brain in most adults until old age is reached where I assert the consciousness shifts back to the right. The lack of sight in my right eye has in some way not been able to shift the consciousness from the right to the left and so I live in the spiritual/mystical consciousness of the right brain. I think spiritual awakening and transformation such as that which happened to Eckhart Tolle is nothing more than the shift of consciousness from the left to the right brain. The consciousness is so totally different from that of the left side of the brain that the person zones out in a state of bliss finally coming back and integrating all of the experiences. Eckhart is now very grounded but he will admit that when his consciousness first shifted that he spent a couple of years living on park benches in a state of bliss. I haven't had this shift so that I don't zone out in states sof bliss. I am the witness of it all. I am aware it is there but I never lose my groundedness and for that I am so grateful.

I've had my second weekend of my training to be a leader and I am amazed at how everything is coming together for this training in a way that hasn't happened before. The power of the vision I had that this is what I was going to do has given me a power and potency that is not of me. I am the possibility of powerful listening and bold leadership and it feels so good to declare that at the beginning of this training. I met the woman I used to live with yesterday and I was amazed at how clearly I was able to see what was going on in her world and to be straight about what she was saying occurred to me without the fear of disapproval or of upsetting her and the conversation was just so great. When I was leaving her, she confirmed my possibility when she said 'you are such a great listener, calms me down'. I thought my heart would burst with happiness and I realised that this is the whole purpose for life as a human being and that is to make a difference. To leave everyone I speak to satisfied, complete, appreciated and respected and in this process I grow in power, freedom and self-expression.....

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