Monday, 12 January 2009

Feeling the presence.....of an Ascended Master....

Since I wrote the blog entry about Djwhal Khul. I have been thinking about the whole area of spiritual chanelling. My journey these days is strange in that I find myself revisiting areas that I thought I was clear about. One of these areas is chanelling. In the past I was very dubious and sceptical of those who claimed to channel some spirit entity. Since giving up my need to control everything I seen to be more receptive to a spirit channel. I think I recognise that in order to bring forth information that is not already available or else to bring it through in a different form is going to require more than my own consciousness. As I write this I remember reading once where the Buddha gave his most powerful sermons after a period of meditation.

Many years ago when I was trying to make sense of an experience that had happened to me I requested a taped consultation with a medium. He was a friend of my Reiki master and so I wrote him a letter giving the details of my experience and asked him a couple of questions. The tape came back, I listened to it and then promptly forgot about it. Today I received by email a paper from this same person chanelling the words of The Archangel Hierophanisis (I have never heard of this spirit entity). The gist of the information that came through via Edwin Courtenay who channelled him was the need to have an intermediary on the journey to the Divine. An intermediary that would act as a guide and a protection. This is in direct conflict to what I had thought before. I didn't believe in the need for an intermediary - why do you need a middle-man when you can go direct to the Source. Then to my amazement I read a couple of sentences which seemed to give me a direct answer and I quote them 'modern day mediums are encouraged always to make a strong connection first with their guides for their spirit guide will help them, and will protect and ensure that the link which they are endeavouring to achieve is secure and strong, has integrity and is safe and that they are protected from all ofther forces, existing within the band width that they are seeking contact in, which might otherwise do them harm or mislead them from the light and truth'.

Is this the reason why I have not been able to stop thinking about the Ascended Tibetan Master Djwhal Khul? Is this my link to achieving what I cannot achieve on my own. It is interesting that he is the Master I pulled out of a card pack of Masters on my Reiki training and then I went on to read all of the books he channelled through Alice Bailey. I felt a strong compulsion to try to find a picture of him and so I did a search on the Internet. I was amazed when it said that his vibrational colour was Emerald green because I am also Emerald being born in May. Totally out of character for me I found myself printing off a small pocket size photo of him and cutting it down to a size that fits inside my purse so that every time I open it I will see him. I don't know what to make of this behaviour of mine.

It seems like finally being true to myself and making the decision to leave and pursue with integrity an open spiritual path whatever form that is going to take is giving me an access to energies that I didn't have before. In the past I would not have been open to things like channelling but it's like my consciousness is shifting yet again. This is the fascination of the spiritual path and of how I am travelling it, like a witness, always watching and alert to shifts in my own consciousness and then writing objectively about what is happening.....

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