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Auras and spirits can be seen......ONLY when there is no aggression

It was great getting back into spinning. I lost myself in the music and once again had that familiar experience of merging where the music, me and the bike all merged into one and there was no more witnessing. I realised afterwards just how much I had missed it. In the changing rooms I shared with some of the women about the seminar I am doing and how much life is shifting for me as a result. One woman said 'so now are you going to set up on your own, doing the classes you've talked about in the past'. This threw me but from it I realised that this is how others will be inspired to take this on for themselves, if they see me taking on life in a way I haven't done before. Powerful words are just that words unless they are accompanied by powerful actions. I just said '2008 is going to be a very different year'. I said my goodbye's and went home to get ready for the first day of my consciousness training with Manuel.

I arrived at the centre in good time (no surprise there!) and went into a large hall. There were about 50 chairs laid out. Gradually people came in but I didn't feel any desire to speak to them. This always amazes me in myself. I have two choices, speak and have and create vitality or not speak and create a different atmosphere. I will always choose the latter even though I have all this training about the power of participation in creating a world of vitality. I fly right in the face of that and sit quietly in a chair, preferably away from everyone else. As more people come I will with reluctance begin some small chat but would prefer not to. This is so hypocritical given my stance that we are all the same, it is only our perception that sees us as separate. Every day I have the choice to demonstrate this practically, on the tube, in a training like this, at work and I don't. I opt for the safe, don't stand out option which does nothing for mine or anybody Else's vitality.

At 10am Manuel appeared, exactly the same as I remembered him when he came to London two years ago. He began by showing us a chart which demonstrated a narrow band of consciousness. He explained that this narrow band is the usual consciousness of the human. Raising consciousness aims to expand the band. Then came the rub. Expanding the consciousness does not only go one way i.e. upwards towards bliss, joy but also downwards so that things that have been hidden rise up from the unconscious into the conscious band. He then gave a warning which was to think carefully before deciding whether or not we wanted to expand the band because things may come up which are not pleasant. Once again I was reminded of the quote from Gandhi 'do not approach the spiritual path if you are afraid'.

Manuel explained the importance of being clear in the choice to say 'yes' to expanding consciousness. Because he is also a neuroscientist and psychiatrist as well a mystic he explained that a key cause for schizophrenia is the consciousness expanding without the person having a choice in whether or not it is expanded. This reminded me of the seminar sessions I do which is all about the choice to examine areas in life where I am not as powerful, free or self-expressed and be OK with whatever comes up. These seminars provide the practical application for everything Manuel spoke about.

He then did a clever demonstration to show how consciousness works using a simple digital camera. He likened consciousness to the camera that is just scanning before a picture is taken that is - it is freely moving. Then some event happens in life and the consciousness freezes. This is similar to when the camera takes a picture. A frame is frozen which becomes the picture. With consciousness this freeze is a freeze of energy which depending on whether the child experiences it as pleasant or unpleasant goes into the unconscious. The unconscious has no concept of time so that is why a similar event will come up again but in the NOW. He then gave an amazing statistic which is that 70% of the judgements we make on people when we first meet them is based on something that happened in the past that is playing itself out in the present.

He then went on to speak about Auras. This is the electro-magnetic field there is around every thing, even animals and plants. It carries the print of everything that has happened to us in life. Mystics can see and read auras. He demonstrated the existence of Auras by once again using the digital camera and a remote control. I have known about the existence of Kirlian photography which is a special type of camera which takes pictures showing the aura around people. I had my aura picture taken for the back of my book. With the remote control and the digital camera, how he did it I don't understand was able to show a purple Aura in the lens of the camera. I recognise that I am literal and so some reader may have a more rational explanation but what I saw him do with two very simple pieces of equipment was demonstrate this electro-magetic field.

He then said 'everyone can see Auras and spirits it's not difficult, but they can only be seen when there is no aggression'. This was so fascinating. He went on to explain using diagram of the brain about a centre deep within the brain called the amygdala. This is the human emotional system. It is constantly alert for things that can cause us harm. It is the activity of the amygdala which makes the mind describe everything in this world. It describes it so that it can make a judgement as to whether it is going to help or harm us. He held up a flower and said 'this is a lamp', there were a few nervous giggles as we tried to see what he was getting at. I understood. Its' only a flower because of a general mind consensus that it is a flower in this culture. Go to another culture where they don't have any flowers and to them it would be something totally different. Once again I was reminded of a quote from the Buddha 'do not hold fast to anything at all'. Holding fast and deciding that things are a certain way freezes consciousness and prevents it from expanding.

But the point he was making about the minds need to explain and its impact on how much or little this raises consciousness was more important. He explained that this describing keeps the consciousness within the narrow band for survival. If we can look at something and not describe it then the consciousness will expand. I have recognised this for a long time. When I go out walking in nature I mostly absorb the experience, my mind is blank there is no analysing or describing going on. As a result i often have an experience whereby my consciousness expands either from me to the leaves and the trees or from the leaves and the trees to me. I don't know which way it goes but it doesn't matter.

He went on to say that the process of describing and not absorbing makes the amygdala which is all about describing things that are physical and have a Form stronger. To raise consciousness requires that an area which mystics have long called the Third eye but which Manuel identifes as being in the pre-frontal cortex of the brain has to become activated. It becomes activated when the mind is not describing. The Third eye is to do with space and the formless. It and the amygdala cannot be active at then same time. Raising consciousness is a choice not to describe or label just to be with whatever is.

After the first break he asked for questions based on the information he had given at the first session. There as a silence. He then walked over to one woman in the front row and said to her 'I know you have a question, why are you afraid'. He then took her hand and brought her to the front of the room. He then said 'the fear you are feeling is the amygdala operating because you think that these people in front of you are going to hurt you'. But these are just people, the fear is only your amygdala, lose the fear and let your consciousness expand. Now what is your question. The woman went onto ask whether or not a physical condition in the brain has an impact on the process of raising consciousness. He probed as to 'what physical condition'. She then explained that she had a problem with her thyroid and was on medication. He then said 'your aura is very clear about what has happened, what happened when you were five', she said I lost my Dad' . Manuel said 'and your mother'. The woman continued 'she became depressed'. Then Manuel said 'how did you deal with this'. The woman looked blank. Manuel continued 'I will help you because it is all so clear in your aura'. 4 days ago Saturday 4pm - what happened. The woman was desperately trying to think. She said 'I was at home with my husband and child' then said 'I remember getting upset about something'. He then said 'yes, and what then did you do'. She once again looked blank.

He said OK let's go back to age 5, how did you deal with your mother being depressed and not having any time for you, she again looked blank and he said 'you became very busy', doing, doing, doing to block out the pain. At this her face broke into huge relief and she said 'my mother always said that I was hyperactive'. She then distinguished that on that Saturday she was upset that to deal with it that she had gone into hyperactivity mode. Manuel then said 'I'm not saying not to take the medication that you are on. This will be a start but look deeper to where the consciousness has been frozen and work from there. I will always remember the way her face changed and how delighted she was when she sat down.

I experienced this deep desire to be able to read auras to be able to do for people what Manuel had just done for this woman. It was this desire that found me putting up my hand when he asked for the next question. He saw my hand and said 'yes'. I said 'you said that the only thing preventing us from seeing auras and spirits is inner aggression. I continued 'I don't consider myself aggressive yet I can't see Auras and/or spirits'. When I finished speaking he staggered very theatrically backwards and sat down on the chair that was a long way behind him. He said 'no you don't consider yourself aggressive' . You are, this is why I am sitting on this chair. I suddenly felt incredibly uncomfortable and afraid but said to myself 'stay with this, it is important'.

He then got off the chair and came right up beside me. He said 'what happens to you on Sunday's - I looked at him in complete and utter amazement and said 'what'. He continued Sunday mornings, Sunday evenings something happens to you. I have written in this blog how Sundays have been fraught for me for as long as I can remember. It seems to be the day that my communication is particularly bad and nothing goes right. It was also a Sunday when my brother and I had a really terrible phone conversation and I thought he was referring to this. I gave a brief snapshot of what had happened. He wanted to take it deeper. He said 'what is your over-riding feeling on Sundays, like this woman I was completely blank. He then said 'what's at the route of asking someone for forgiveness'. I once again looked blank and he said 'guilt'.

He said to me 'you are so good at asking others for forgiveness but you do not forgive yourself' This is where you have the most aggression. If you stopped this aggression against yourself you would see spirits and auras. This totally stunned me. It also put me in direct conflict with my thinking that you have to hard on yourself if you want to raise consciousness to the degree necessary for spiritual awakening. I left for lunch incredibly confused. I decided to go to lunch on my own because I wanted to think about what he had said. Sitting in the cafe I realised that I am incredibly aggressive with myself. It takes the form of 'not good enough'. It also takes the form of hiding myself away from others and not sharing. That is why he said 'if you could forget yourself and lose this aggression you would see auras and spirits immediately.

I arrived back from lunch early determined to speak to people who were on the course and give up this aggressiveness. I honestly don't know how it's going to happen but now that it has been distinguished for me I am going to work on it. It was quite funny this morning because the first thing my inner voice said and I always distinguish my inner voice from the relentless stream of thoughts from the mind was 'wear a dress' ha ha! I don't know why but I will listen and wear a dress to the training today. When I went back to the course there was a lady standing at the book stall reading a couple of books that were laid out there. I immediately went up and started to speak about what Manuel had been talking about and also how the courses I am doing with Landmark Education gives the experience of everything Manuel is speaking about.

I then went on to speak about how inspiring I find him as a person and teacher. We spoke about his ability to read auras in the precise way that he does. I found myself telling her about how amazed I was the last time when a woman stood up and told him that she had ME and asked if she always going to have it. He started to question her about her travels in India. Through the discussion it turned out she had been sick in India and Manuel identified that some of the virus was still in her aura which was causing the ME. He asked her to come to him at the end of the day and he would give her a number for a virulogist.

I had often thought about that lady and wondered how she had got on. . When I had finished saying this. the woman said 'that woman was me!' I couldn't believe it. This was amazing. I just said 'how are you' and she said 'I don't have ME anymore' I pressed on 'so you went to the person Manuel recommended and she smiled and said 'yes and now I'm good'. And she did look good. So good that I didn't remember her as the frail woman who had asked Manuel the question. For me meeting her was completing something I had often thought about. I find this with the universe that if I am thinking about something or wondering about something that I will find an answer somewhere. It's usually through my inner voice but oftentimes it comes through others or books.

After lunch he took more questions and he found all of the root causes for concerns voiced by people in some event that had happened in childhood. This had resulted in the consciousness being frozen around that event. I have often said that it is frozen energy which keeps us stuck and blocked. Free up that energy and the consciousness will rise. He then took us through a meditation exercise to begin to raise the consciousness using energy. This is where I got a bit lost because as always when I close my eyes thoughts come relentlessly. They were so relentless that they distracted me from the instructions Manuel was giving. I know that there was a lot of sending energy from the heart to a distance outside in the world. Earlier he said that consciousness raising comes when the heart awakens. From my experience this is definitely true. The heart will awaken when the activity in the third eye (only comes when there is no aggression or fear towards anyone or anything) is stronger than the amygdala. Third eye activity and opening of the heart go together.

The exercise lasted an hour during which time I experienced a range of emotions and also an inner rant that went on about 'wasting time'. I recognise though that this is resistance on my part. I love the theory because it is safe. Actually sitting down and doing the work I resist fiercely. Manuel said that 10 minutes of energy work lasts 12 hours in the body.

I am definitely going to ask him about this experience I had in 1999 and what if any effects it has had on the challenges I find in normal everyday life. I was surprised that for such a major event which I am sure must be clear in my aura that he has never asked me about it. Let's see....there is no doubting the power of this man.

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