Friday, 16 November 2007

Ego stronger than spirit......

Spiritual insights and intuitions are not close. This is the path, moments of intense illumination followed by periods of darkness and just going through the motions. Everything these days seems to highlight the acute difference between ego and spirit. I see it everywhere. This is the conflict of human being. It has gone on through the centuries and does today. The challenge is to recognise it and choose to extend and share thus acknowledging spirit, rather than project and separate which only gives victory to the ego. Yet sharing and extending is not agreed for in the world which is why there is so much resistance in human being to do this. There is a deep yearning to open ourselves to others but also that inner insistence voice saying 'you can't do that'. Unfortunately it is the louder voice of the ego that tends to emerge the winner.

So today take on sharing one thing about yourself that you wouldn't usually share. Accept the fear that will be there firstly at the thought of doing this and then when the situation presents to share to feel it and move beyond the fear. The most important thing is to share with sincerity and love and not to care about how you look to others while sharing. To do this one thing today will be such a victory for spirit over ego. Spirit responds by creating a feeling that is unlike any other. There is no feeling to beat sharing without caring. To share without care is to be free......


Anonymous said...

Well, here we are after a week of being "less forthright".

Does it occur to you that it is a form of resistance?

Margaret Dempsey said...

Well hello, I have missed your comments. I'm not clear about how being less than forthright is a 'form of resistance'. I wrote differently last week not to cause embarassment to those I most love and respect. However the truth is that me hiding in the way that I have over the past week, is not working.

I am not a teacher in that way and stealing the insights from A Course in Miracles was OK for a while but something about it didn't feel right. I felt like I was committing spiritual fraud.

I also had to be careful though that I wasn't using the blog as a platform for my ego. I am clear now by the lack of energy I have felt all week that I've been selling out on myself. I've also sold out on possibilities to touch and inspire others by using me as a live case study!

I have checked with one person who is important to me that if I am to return to writing the blog in the way that I did, that it won't cause embarassment and I have been given the green light.

Immediately I've felt the old energy and enthusiasm return. I will continue to use spiritual truths to illustrate events in my life because this is the way that these truths become real for me.