Saturday, 11 July 2009

First case of swine flu victim to die....without underlying health considerations......must stay steady

I woke up this morning to news that I have known deep down is inevitable and that is the first death of a swine flu victim in the UK without the person having had any underlying health issues. Now more than ever it is going to be so important to the consciousness to remain steady and to hold nerve. I have spoken about the profound shift of consciousness that I assert the universe is gearing up for and I see this as part of the continuous onslaught of uneasy news that is such a feature of life these days. By staying steady the consciousness also remains calm so the shift when it comes will be easy and smooth. If we allow the mind to generate thoughts of fear and panic then this is going to effect the consciousness and the whole process will be more fraught than it needs to be.

It is also important in these turbulent times to have faith. That the world is perfect but is in a state of becoming, it is not a finished product and that everything that is happening is perfect for this time of evolution. Last night I had the privilege to watch Jonathan Ross interview Vivienne Westwood and her passion for the dangers of climate change for the entire human race really resonated with me. Her passion and her willingness to risk her privacy by appearing on Jonthan Ross to appeal to people to do more to reverse this process was so inspiring. Her passion for the cause was more important than the risk of what people might think of her for doing it. It acted as another wake-up call for me. It is this passion and inspiration that sees me at this computer when I should be on my way to catch a train to go to a friend's party. I have proclaimed this blog to be about the expansion of spiritual consciousness and so from where I see it, it's more important that people really get to recognise and acknowledge that there is a machinery driving the human consciousness. Once that machinery is seen, and accepted it no longer has the power and ceases at that point to be destructive. I would assert and I really don't know this so it is really my own opinion and view which is just as valid as every other opinion and view but I assert that it is this mass ignorance of the underlying machinery of human being which is creating all of the disharmony and the breaking down of old established structures that we see happening now.

You can ask why is it happening now.....I think it is because there are more people aware of a deeper inner impulse but they are ignoring it. The consciousness wants to shift on a mass scale to get ready for the next stage of evolution and it is not having an easy time because of peoples reluctance to really take themselves on. To be really honest and authentic about themselves and their lives, to do as Socrates said so many years ago which is 'know thyself'. But this is not wilful on the part of the person, it is the underlying machinery which is creating it this way, see the underlying machinery and that seeing will set the consciousness free. But it starts with doing something that will act as an obstacle to the machinery. A force going in one direction will continue until it meets something that stops it. Meditation or anything where a person can break free of the machinery acts as that 'something'. We are so inextricably bound up with our thoughts and feelings and think that these are who we are but it is not, they are part of the underlying machinery that drives the phenomenon of human being.

Consciousness seems to be the reward for the development of homo sapiens but the cost has been this tension between the light and dark. If we look back, first there was the mineral phase, then plant, then animal and now human and I assert that the next stage will have something to do with consciousness and perception. I think that perception will be expanded so that the consciousness will be able to perceive more than it does who knows perhaps altered states will become natural and no longer need to be drug induced...maybe other realms which are denied to the consciousness now by the limits of our is all very exciting which is why it is important to stay steady.

Now...I have to catch that train. A good way to practice staying steady is to begin not to react to little things that happen. By staying steady when little things don't work out it is training the consciousness not to panic when bigger things might come. This blog entry is in no way meant to scare. The advice everywhere is not to panic and I say exactly the same thing..... Anyway, what's the use of panic.....never solved anything and it's not likely to do so in the future....

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