Thursday, 2 July 2009

The start of another phase of life.....

My journalism course is finished. It was an invaluable training and one which will benefit me in the next stage of my spiritual journey. I am declaring myself as a spiritual writer and coach. I had the first US sale of my book 'Journey to Self' the other day and it signifies to me that the time is right for me to take on seriously sharing my journey with others to touch, move and inspire them. I moved out from the family I was living with and into a flat in the centre of town. It was time for me to move. I love the family I was living with dearly and they were very good to me. But if I am to carve out my own spiritual niche I need more independence and to be in the centre of town which I am now.

I am choosing powerfully to promote myself as a spiritual coach - my tool being meditation leading to spiritual awakening, - that moment or glimpse when the truth shows itself before once again being covered by the veil of illusion. I have spoken about this idea to friends and the feedback has been positive. I am privileged in having had a number of profound experiences through meditation which will help to establish me as a credible teacher/coach/guide. I have joined a business link to give me support with those left brain things I have traditionally struggled with and as a result don't feel like I am doing it all on my own. I am also aware of having had the idea of breaking out and doing my thing for many years but also being scared of not having what it takes. I find now that I have ideas and insights about how I could do it that were not available to me when I had a back door of having a safe job and place to live. Now that there is no backdoor I have the peace that comes with finally saying 'yes' to something that has nagged at me for a very long time and being focussed on the one thing which I have tried to forget by doing other things but somehow it was always there - the idea of being a leader in the spiritual world.

My plan is to begin with a number of evenings promoting my book and seeing how much interest there would be from people to begin four week meditation courses with the intention of bringing about the experience of spiritual awakening. This is a very tall order and I am very aware of the power of the kundalini energy and the consequences if it is not respected. But I believe that a glimpse is possible without the full blown kundalini experience of awakening which I experienced. In time I may return to India and get trained in giving shaktipat awakening but for now I am going to focus on preparing the body and mind to be strong enough to withstand the power of the experience when it arises because I believe that sooner rather than later this is going to happen as the consciousness shifts to the next stage of evolution. I am a stand that people are prepared in as much as they can be for this event.

I have already booked one evening and today I received a call from another woman offering me a room in another venue and saying that she has had requests for the centre to offer meditation. This is what I mean about doors opening that before I jumped off the cliff of security and safety had been firmly shut. Is it a question of timing that these doors are now opening or is it a question of integrity of finally closing off any backdoor and commiting myself to what I know is going to be the work for the rest of my life. I know that this is not going to be easy because of the identity and how it will operate not to have the person delve into the deeper more spiritual essence but I can see that is not the person themselves that will be resisting but the identity which is scared and senses a threat to its existence. My job will be to deepen the inner urge whilst acknowledging with compassion the threat the identity senses.

So once again this blog is going to be the place where I will record the highs and lows of the next stage of my journey to self, the journey never ends, all that ends are cycles on that journey....