Sunday, 12 July 2009

The power of generosity.....

Secret Millionaire was on TV last night and I was so moved by what happened. Gary began his scrap metal business with a £100 loan given to him by his grandfather who was in the marines. With it he built up a business and became a multi-millionaire. He returned to his native city of Blackpool to look for good causes to give something back. What he said at the end of the programme really resonated with me. His joy when he gave a cheque to a hostel for the homeless and for parents to continue with their dream house to give holidays to kids who are terminally ill and their parents was real. He said that it was 'this generosity which had been missing from his life'. He had made all this money but had not given any of it away in this way and that had been the missing for him. At the end of the programme he had transformed how he was going to be with his family and had resolved to spend more time with them and he realised that what they wanted was him and his time, not material things.

In this programme is the fundamental secret for happiness for a human being and that is generosity. In the act of being generous, the consciousness is no longer concerned with me and what I have but connects with another to produce those feelings of joy and fulfillment. One of the ways in which the machinery of human works so that we don't do this is it produces thoughts of lack and scarcity and these thoughts of lack and scarcity stop us from being as generous as we need to be to be happy. It doesn't have to be money, it can be time, listening, doing something kind for someone that is totally unexpected. What is important is to do it and then observe the uplift of happiness.

When I returned after my visit to the society of metaphysicians and found a parking spot where usually it is impossible, I gave back by giving £5 to a homeless guy who was selling the big issue. I know that it is not a huge amount but the amount is not important. It is the giving that affirms to the universe that there is abundance and as a result abundance will come. If you look at all the millionaires they all have done or do some big charity work. Bill Gates set up a charitable foundation. Giving back in gratitude for what was been given if more is to become available is a fundamental law of the universe, as real as gravity and integrity. When thinking about what we really desire to have in life, we must also give some thought as to what is it we will give back in return when we get what we desire. To just have money without giving anything back is the reason why lots of people with money are not happy. The money becomes all about them and not about how some of it can be used to be of contribution. When thoughts or money become all about us our world is small and ever shrinking. The consciousness is designed to play big in every way, the constricting and restricting of it is what causes unhappiness in a human being, I assert. Generosity expands the consciousness, meaness shrinks it.

I spent this weekend with my friend who has adopted a beautiful baby girl from an orphanage in Gautemala. I was struck by the self-lessness of my friend, and in her, and the way she was with this little girl I saw the principle of generosity in all its strength and force. My friend is also happier because life now is no longer just about her but about how she can shape and train this little soul into being happy and it was so inspiring for me to spend the time with them.

I am determined this week to do some serious meditation and to let my consciousness free. I have no idea how it is going to work. Something has shifted though and I don't feel the fear around doing this that I did in the past. I also have to turn my mind to things practical and call up some people and ask them about doing the flyers that I need to get the meditation course of the ground in September. These days I have such freedom and ease that I know that those who come to this course will feel some benefit. My intention is to be of contribution by designing a course that will at least provide a glimpse of spiritual awakening. It is a huge request I am making to the universe but I believe with the strength of my desire for this that I can create it to happen.

For the first time I recognise the importance of desire in making anything happen. In the past I had thought that desire was at the route of all suffering. This was something I took from Buddhism. As a result I wouldn't allow myself to desire anything which has led me to the kind of life that I have. What I realise now is that it is not desire that is destructive but the attachment to that desire and so I have now shifted my consciousness so that I feel the emotion of desire and am now going to channel that desire into producing something tangible. This has been a major insight for me and has given me clarity around such a lot of things. I see once again how the mechanism of the identity that doesn't want me to play big gave me the thought that desire had to be uprooted if anything is to be achieved. When I uprooted desire, I uprooted my own ability to play big. The energy of desire galvanises the universe to put into place events and people that are needed to manifest that desire into something tangible. Without that desire, I was numb and the universe much more unresponsive than it wanted to be. I am aware though that having spent so many years dumbing down my desire that it is going to take some practicing on my part but I am more than prepared to put in the effort for what is possible.......

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