Wednesday, 18 February 2009

A truly amazing day.....the third day of my work experience placement

I woke up early this morning and my first thought was ‘I’m going to be interviewing the person who developed the idea of mind maps and I felt this great sense of excitement. I got up and did an hour of shorthand. The garage called me to tell me my car was ready and to come and get it after 8.30am. This wasn’t going to work for me because my placement is an hours drive outside of Brighton so by the time the paperwork would have finished I would have been late. I called them and made a request to keep the courtesy car and to collect my car at 8am when they open tomorrow morning. The girl was fine about this which I was really pleased about.

I set off and it was the most beautiful morning. I know the way now so I can relax and really connect with the beautiful scenery I drive through every morning. There are a lot of rolling hills around the area and they are truly beautiful. I experience my greatest happiness and bliss when I am in the company of nature. I see nature as being the form of the Divine, for me it can’t be other, the perfection and beauty of nature can’t be anything but Divine. When I connect with nature, I connect with something that is far bigger than me.

I was driving along when I had a strong inner urging to stop the car and send a text to someone on myTeam programme. I will always listen when I get a strong inner prompting so I pulled over onto the hard shoulder of the motorway. I made a couple of calls and sent some texts and then I set off. I rounded the corner and all I could see was an ambulance and a build up of cars. It turned out that a couple of minutes earlier there had been a crash involving 2 cars. From what I could see there wasn’t anyone injured but the car had taken a battering. I couldn’t believe it. I’m not saying that there’s any connection between me having this strong urge to pull up when I did and this crash but for some reason it really rattled me. I chose to take a moment out to generate a deep feeling of gratitude for the fact that I was safe whether it applied to me or not.

I arrived early for my placement and got myself ready for my interview with Tony Buzan. The interview time was scheduled for 11.30am and at 11.29 I called the number I had been given. A male voice answered the phone and I said ‘hello this is Margaret’. The male voice said ‘hold on I’ll put you onto Tony’. Then the man himself came on the phone. His opening line to me was ‘you’re punctual’ I was taken aback but said the truth that he was willing to give the time for an interview the least I could do was to honour the time that was agreed. He then asked me if I was taping the interview and I said ‘no’ he then said in a questioning tone ‘shorthand’….ah…now was a moment of truth for me. I could say yes and look good or I could tell the truth. I chose the latter. I told him that I was on a work experience placement and that this interview would form a part of the portfolio I needed to put together for my exam as well as be for the magazine and that the interview would be more longhand than shorthand.

He was great about it, gave me some tips on how to use a Dictaphone! Then the interview started and it went very well. I was able to repeat back things to him so that he knew that I was listening and the more I showed I understood exactly what he was talking about the more relaxed and self-expressed he became. We finished the interview and just as I was about to thank him he said ‘what were you doing before doing this work placement’, I told him and he said ‘you sound very happy and relaxed and I enjoyed doing this interview’. He asked for a copy of the magazine to be sent to his PR agency when it was published. I was on such a high when I put down the phone. The others in the office all gave me a high five as they had heard it all as it is only a small office where I am working. To have such a great feeling in a work environment was so great. What I love about writing is that it feels like it is pure creativity. That interview will never happen again in the same way. It is unique and that is what makes every interview special. What came through from this man is the happiness he feels when he makes a difference. Mind mapping is growing rapidly throughout the world and the man who made it all possible was so generous to someone who wasn’t a fully fledged journalist…that to me speaks volumes about the man.

Driving home this evening I couldn’t hold back the intense feelings of happiness and gratitude that I was given the courage to make the move I have done. I am determined to do everything I can to be successful…..

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