Tuesday, 7 August 2007

An exciting discovery.....

Today scientists have made public the force which allows the levitation of small particles. This force is called the Casimir force. I am not a physicist so I am not going to go into detail about how this force has been manipulated to cause the levitation of small nano particles. What I am excited about is how it has been made public. There have been reports in the past of yogic flying. I have never seen a flying yogi so in that way can't say that I am writing from experience. But if we accept that such a phenomenon exists then it is possible that the yogi has done this by manipulating the laws of nature. A yogi by virtue of the many years spent training the mind has developed special powers. Everything in the universe is governed by laws. Some we know, some are yet to be discovered. It is the manipulation of the forces involved in these laws which enable out of the ordinary phenomena to happen.

I went to India on a 10 day Vippasana (insight) meditation retreat in 1997. While I was there I met a yogi who after some time speaking with me and looking intently into my eyes wrote down my mother's name on a piece of paper. How did he do this? I never told him my mothers name. Her name is not a common one - Nancy, especially not in India. Yet he told me. On my travels I met a Saddhu. This is a man who has renounced the world and travels in search of enlightenment around India. I told him what had happened and asked him 'how did he know this information'. He explained that the man, as a yogi, had spent many years in meditation. As a result he can read a persons' history from their eyes! (from the Akashic records) This sounds as unbelievable now as it did then. But I think that his acess to my information was the result of another law which he could manipulate.

This discovery is exciting for me because is is giving objective evidence albeit on a very small scale of the laws of nature which humans will then be able to understand. All of these discoveries are moving the consciousness of humanity much closer to the kingdom of the soul. With every discovery like this a little more confidence will be awarded to the spiritual. I firmly believe that everything that occurs is a result of the laws of nature acting in specific and predetermined ways to produce specific results, karmic, physical etc. The more these laws can be known and understood the greater will be our understanding of the universe and how it operates. I was very excited when I read about the releasing of this information to the world. I do want to stress that I am not a physicist. I am a spiritual scientist and for me all of this is like putting pieces of a jigsaw together and it is rewarding. I am aware that not all my pieces are going to fit exactly. It is more important to be able to see the bigger picture than it is to be correct in identifying how all the parts fit together but the process of identifying the parts is just as much fun.

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