Monday, 27 August 2007

Hungover after one lager....lightweight!

Woke up on Sunday morning to the alarm clock but turned it off, turned over in my bed and went back to sleep. I was vaguely aware of a headache. Bad mistake because when I woke up an hour later I was annoyed with myself. We had to have everything packed and out of our room by 10am. There was another early morning meditation in the lecture hall. I had the thought 'you're not going to make it to the meditation this morning' and then I remembered how my discipline had let me down once this morning and I resolved that it wasn't going to happen again. What I was amazed at was even though I had got up late that I still had enough time to do everything without being stressed and I arrived at the lecture theatre for the meditation session early.

For some reason which I can't explain my consciousness is in a state where everything flows no matter what the external circumstances. Lately I am relaxing and enjoying this and have the confidence that this is the way it is for me and there is nothing expected of me in return. Words can't describe the gratitude I feel. But there is also a frustration. The frustration that I don't have the key that will unlock this state for others. I can only trust that the energy of this state transmits itself to others through my writing or when I meet people that they feel something of this state for themselves without me having to spell it out.

The meditation this morning was being led by two sufi masters. Sufism is the mystical path of Islam and is called the path of the heart. My blog entries which speak about the writing of Irwina Tweedie is from the Sufi tradition. I found this mornings meditation easier because the periods of silence were not so long. My mind would get distracted but on hearing a voice would be brought back to attending to the breath. After the meditation there was breakfast. It is truly fascinating to talk to people and to hear their stories of their spiritual journey. I was speaking with more people who are practicing in the Sufi tradition. This appeals to me because from my experience spiritual awakening happens in the heart. It is when the heart awakens that the connection with everything and to everything is seen. The path of the heart is the path to spiritual awakening. Clarity and connection come when the heart is opened.

After breakrast Dr Camille Adams gave a lecture called 'Women and Sufism: Love and unity of being' It was her voice and presentation more than what she said which made this lecture such a moving lecture. She quoted from Rumi in a calm, loving voice and the depth of her devotion was obvious and evident. I put her lecture in the same category as the interview of Sir John. She has reached a depth of experience. The questions to her afterwards were telling in that they were about what is Sufism doing to reclaim Islam from the fundamentalists. Her reply was compassionate and telling in that she said that Islam has no centre like Catholicism has in the Vatican. Each devotee will be accountable to God.

The next lecture was given by Professor Les Lancaster: The Brain above the Brain. He suggested the idea of a higher brain above the brain of our normal brain which in some way stimulates our brain. The presentation was interesting and useful in that he linked various paragraphs of Kabbalah teachings to the possibiliity of another brain beyond the brain.

The rest of the conference was a mixture of questions, answers, discussions. How do I feel now that it is over and am back in my own flat. I know that I won't be at another one of these conferences. What was interesting is that this conference was the 7th Beyond the Brain conference. All the times I looked at the flyer I never really saw '7' maybe because it was roman numerals VII. Had I really taken that on I don't think I would have gone because I would have assumed prior knowledge from the previous six. I am really glad I went. I won't be going again. Even though my own search is over there is something about the establishment whereby I feel I wouldn't get the support from there anyway.

I am going to plod on with this blog and trust in the benevolence of the universe to show me my next step on my spiritual journey.....