Thursday, 16 August 2007

A good day today....

I woke up this morning feeling very happy. I had a bright cheerful hello for everyone at work. Then I went dead. The atmosphere just seemed so heavy and immediately I noticed my mood change. To become one of...I just be quiet like everyone else. I am so lucky that I sit near a window on the 9th floor because if I didn't have this connection with nature first thing in the morning I don't think I would be able to get through the day.

We had a team meeting today and I am always amazed at how when someone asks a question that for me is like listening through a fog that my boss immediately knows what he/she is getting at and produces an answer which is so concise and clear that I marvel. She is such a talented woman but also a very fair and just boss.

On Friday last when I was upset over what I had thought my brother had done I received a call from an organisation I have done some training with. I found this training so powerful in terms of giving me access to having a powerful life. I don't want to state the name of this organisation because of copyright purposes. I have written extensively about this organisation and my experiences with it for my book. This had to go through the organisations lawyers and be authorised before I could write it. I was amazed at how much I was allowed to write and out of respect for how they treated me when I wanted to write, will not write anything here that is in danger of copyright.

The purpose of their call to me was to ask me if I would so voluntary work. I will give a clue the organisation works in the field of transformation. The transformation of oneself first and then of life itself. As my life is all about transformation I have completed all of their courses. What I realised since I haven't been doing any of the work is that when my life is just about me, it's kind of empty and nothing goes really right. My happiest times have been when I have spoken about what the courses have given to me, someone has done it and come back to me and said 'thank you, that was so kind'. Money can't buy the feeling that gives to me and how deeply something within me shifts. Usually when I receive these phone calls I'm usually clear and direct and say 'no' which is always listened to.

On Friday afternoon I was in a different space. I have to recognise and acknowledge that there is something in how I am with my brother which is causing him to behave like this. As part of this agreement to work voluntarily in their office there is the possiiblity to have support to achieve something that you want but up to now have not been able to achieve. I immediately thought of my relationship with my brother and on those grounds agreed to go to an introductory evening which was tonight.

I thoroughly enjoyed the evening. I saw just how much of a difference I can make to others just by being truthful and authentic. I came home so excited and with a new energy and enthusiasm. For me I get more joy and happiness in serving others and being the cause of another to seek that happiness for themselves. I can't give this to others, I recognise that now, but I can be the cause of others seeking it for themselves and this is what my game is going to be for the future. Hop on for the ride.......


Anonymous said...

>Then I went dead.

Why? The trees outside; your desk; your colleagues; your computer: aren't they all part of the same thing?

Margaret Dempsey said...

Thank you for your comment. You are absolutely right. Everything is a manifestation of the one energy. It is only our perception that sees difference. The power of perception in determining our reality is very strong. It is difficult and not in our nature to doubt the evidence of our own perception, at least not consciously.

This is why we can know intellectually that everything is composed of the same stuff. But to experience this is completely different.

A direct experience of the unity behind perceived separation is a kind of knowing, a certainty which does not lend itself to scientific verification. This is the agony and ecstasy of the insights and intuitions which one is treated to when this path is taken seriously.

I hope this comment has gone some way to answering your query. The spiritual path is all about the journey from the illusion of separation and difference to the truth of unity. But before we can get to unity we have to see the play of Maya and the illusion of separation. Only then can we realise the underlying unity.