Friday, 31 August 2007

Give me a fish and I eat for a day....teach me to fish and I eat for a lifetime..(ancient proverb)

While I was running this morning in the gym the words of what I have titled this post came to me. It got me thinking about how to teach people how to fish through the understanding and manipulation of natural and universal laws. To bring about a life which is lived from an enlightened state. My sole concern is that on the spiritual journey that people should know how to fish so so that there's no dependency or reliance on the fisherman. The question then arises as to how to do this.

For me there is a definite difference between the wisdom that emerges from the mystical path via the mystic and the wisdom that emerges via the occult. I want to make it clear that by the occult I do not mean tarot cards or ouiji boards. By occult I mean the study of the laws of the universe and the sheaths that veil the soul. The end outcome of the mystic and of the person that studies and practices the occult is the same i.e. union with the formless. I also believe that the degree to which people can acquire the tools to learn to fish is different in both.

The path of the mystic is that of transcendence whereby the world of form falls away to reveal the formless. This path tends to happen spontaneously. The consciousness shifts raidly from form to no form or formlessness. In the formless state there is no consciousness just awareness. However the mystic has no idea what the trigger for this. It is most often brought about by a state of deep devotion where the mystic experiences the union with the Beloved. The path of devotion by-passes the mind. It is a state of deep and passionate devotion which can and often does open into the transcendent. The mystical path of Islam called Sufism produces mystical devotees through this path of devotion or Bakti. The person entering into this state has often no idea of how it happened and the person listening to a recount of the experience is left in a state of longing and yearning for a similar experience but without having the tools to make it possible.

The path for someone who chooses to experience the transcendent via the occult is slower. It involves a bedrock of devotion but this is not overt or dominant. On top of this bedrock is the faculty of reasoning and alertness. It involves much reading and pondering (more important than reading) listening to classical music which has a spiritual foundation like I am doing now as I write this. I am listening to the music of Sir John Tavener. And as I do the words are just pouring out onto the screen. I am conscious of everything so I do not think I am being used as a channel but each time I reach the end of a sentence more words come so maybe I am.

Reaching the transcendent through the occult path involves identifying how the design of Human is put together. If you accept that 'Human' is a design then like any design the component parts can be identified, deconstructed and then re-constructed. It is like if I understand how a law works and I have all the components necessary for making that law work, then I can take apart the components and put them back together and the law will work in a different way.

This seemed to be something I should write but my rational mind has got involved in the writing and is saying 'are you sure that is really how it would work by the laws of physics? - the truth is that I don't know because I am not a physicist but the initial train of thought came from my intuition so I am going to honour it and leave it in. I will say again that everything I write in this blog are just opinions or views. I don't claim any of what I write to be the truth, only ideas to be considered. What I can state as truth and fact is the power that lies latent in man. These powers or the fires of matter are real. These I can vouch for not from my mind and ideas/thoughts but from experience. The path of the occult is about bringing back from the formless realm forms (insights, intuitions, hypotheses) to aid understanding and increase wisdom.

The path of the occult is the path of gradually developing consciousness and awareness. It is a drip by drip method instead of a big cosmic bang. It involves taking certain ideas as truth and making them real in our lives. From reading the first Conversations with God book I really took on that the Divine that created cannot also experience. To experience, the Divine requires a Human form, so the Divine incarnated in the human form. I really took this on and so I would consciously think of the Divine during all of my experiences and inwardly say to the Divine 'experience this through me'. This went for both pleasant and unpleasant experiences. I can remember a particularly unpleasant work situation where I was being made redundant. In the middle of all the pain and confusion of the situation I took a moment of reflection and said 'experience this through me'.

I am aware that this kind of thinking may sound and read bizarre but the spiritual journey is not like any other journey. It involves you taking a stand for an idea and working with it. For me it was the idea of the Divine experiencing the life it created through me. This meant for me remembering the Divine in every situation I was in. I must stress that this remembering never took the form of a visual hallucination. I have never seen a deity. It is more of a feeling thing. I guess that over time it took the form of a habit to always take a couple of minutes out from whatever it was I was doing to enable the Divine to experience. Like I say it can sound a bit weird and far out but these are the kinds of risks that are necessary at least from my understanding of this path. It seems to be a path that requires constant mindfulness whatever form that may take.

Even before I read this book I had a close association with a Presence. When I was younger I turned to it for comfort. It was only when I got older that I have treated the relationship more symbiotically. I need the Divine to return home and the Divine needs me to experience. It's a relationship of mutual love and respect.

The strangest thing has just happened. I had an insight about the next kingdom that the consciousness is going to enter into - the kingdom of the soul and I had written a little about it. Then suddenly my laptop crashed. Totally dead! It didn't matter what key I pressed, nothing brought it back to life. I turned if off manually and when I turned it back on, everything I had written about this next kingdom was gone. I take from that that I must only write about things I know and have experience of. To do anything else is in danger of inviting ego inflation which is always only sleeping with one eye open.......ever alert for an opportunity to sabotage.

It's my last day of holiday from work so now I have to do the ordinary mundane things of life. I have a strong intuition to visit the centre again which I will do. I heard yesterday from a work colleague that another work colleague has broken both of her ankles. I know it's not very compassionate of me but I was reminded of the famous words by Oscar Wilde in the Importance of being Earnest which I have adapted. He says 'to break one ankle could be seen as unfortunate, to break both, somewhat careless'. I find it hard to get my head around how it's possible to break both ankles. Anyway, I shall go to visit her in hospital.....there may be more for this blog entry later on.......

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