Friday, 3 August 2007

Well it's official...

I had a health check today and according to the nurse my blood pressure is to be envied. She said 'if everyone had your blood pressure reading there would be no more heart trouble'. Walking back to work I was thinking how has this happened. I have noticed that since I had a profound experience when I was on retreat in Devon that I now breath from my stomach. I feel that this has reduced my stress levels. When stress levels are down the heart is healthy and beats more slowly. I can honestly say that I do not suffer stress. I have the usual concerns from time to time but in general live a stress free life.

If there was one reason for following a spiritual path it is to have everything, peace, calm, no stress, living a magical life. These are hard won gifts though because for much of the first cycle there can be moments of acute loneliness and confusion. It is so important during those times to hold fast to that one moment which resulted in taking an interest in the inner world of spirituality.

I have also been thinking of the one day workshop I am going to hold. I am often struck by the irony that you can only have the gift of spiritual awakening if the focus is for others. But the truth is that when you do get it, nobody either seems to want it, or see that it is there to be achieved. It seems like a big joke. I have never wanted anything which I could not give to the benefit of others. I feel uneasy that this state is not transferable and yet when I think about this a bit more. There is a calmness in my environment. I don't add onto things that happen in life and this keeps me calm and others around me. I feel that this ability to remain calm, grounded and centered is going to be so important as we come to 2012 when the universe gears up for the huge shift when mass humanity is going to shift its consciousness.

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