Sunday, 14 October 2007

Being with what is......

Woke up early this morning and it took me a minute to remember where I was. I saw the familiar picture of the trees through my window and relaxed into the scene. I then remembered that I had said I would call my cousin. She was at home and we had a lovely long chat. She told me that she had almost finished reading A Course in Miracles by Helen Schucman and William Thetford. We spoke about the power contained in the words of this book. It is great to have a like-minded person as a relative. The nature of the spiritual path is different to the religious path. There is a certain familiarity about the religious path which the spiritual path does not have. What is needed is for more people to speak openly about their spiritual experiences so that the spiritual can become stronger.

After speaking with my cousin I went to meet another friend. It was a beautiful day and I once again found the peace and calm which is so strong for me around nature. The crunch of fallen leaves underneath my feet was for me a mystical experience. It was lovely walking through the park. I think that a mild autumn is so much nicer than a boiling hot summer. So far it has been a lovely and mild autumn both in London and Ireland.

I met my friend and we went shopping. I usually hate shopping but this time I threw myself into enjoying the experience with her. I thought that I would treat it as a game and this is what I did and it was great. My friend wanted an autumn/winter wardrobe so we were in and out of most shops all afternoon. Usually I would have considered this a complete waste or time and would have preferred to be at home reading/writing. Now I see everything as an opportunity to grow spiritually by being with what is...wherever it is and as I have written before with acceptance comes everything.

I arrived back, tired and happy. My mum had said that she wouldn't call so there was no need to be at home for my usual 8pm after Coronation Street phone call. I will call the nursing home tomorrow to see how Dad is. Tomorrow I return to work after 4 weeks and I am so nervous at the thought of it. How on earth will I get up at my usual 4.30am after sleeping most days until 9.30am - 10am it is going to be a real shock to the system. Yet I think that the structure of routine will be welcome once the initial shock of my email inbox and its contents has been got over. I have thank you cards for all those who took over my work while I was away.

So that's it for my first day back in London...I am aware that there isn't much that is spiritual in this entry but sometimes that's the way it goes. Spiritual is a way of BEING not a list of DOING.....

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