Saturday, 27 October 2007

Not sure what is going on....

Today I tried to get into this blog via another computer and was asked to sign in with my username and password. When I did this in the way that I usually do it said that it didn't recognise my username. I have always used the same user name. I am aware that what I write in this blog is controversial. Luckily I left the posting window open on my screen before I went out today. This is how I am able to write this entry. I don't know what will happen when I sign out and want to sign back in again. If this blog does go dead, I promise it is nothing to do with me and my lack of commitment and integrity to maintaining it.

Today was a great day. It was so inspiring hearing what magic people are bringing to their lives. I was different too. I listened more and went much more into their world and as a result it was so rewarding. To be honest not being able to get in to write the blog before has left me nervous so I am going to sign out and if I can get back in again I will write a longer entry. It is not authentic for me to write now.

If I can't get back a sincere thank you to those who have read it and for the person who sent comments. If any of it has caused offence then I'm sorry. That was never the intent. All of this may be premature....let's hope so!

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