Thursday, 15 January 2009

Gosh it's getting really busy these days. Earlier in the week I gave a presentation to my team on how to bring in 50K to an organisation. This has been a direct result of me giving up the need to control. Since doing that I am able to see opportunities and avenues that in the past I would not have been able to see. It is all a question of freeing up energy. In the past I was using a lot of energy trying to control. Now all of that energy is freed up to create instead of maintain control and the result of it all is freedom and ease.

I had done some preparation for this presentation and apart from one shaky moment at the beginning I sailed right through it. At one point I looked down the table and I had 14 or so pairs of eyes on me alert and attentive and I knew without a shadow of a doubt that this is what I want to do for the rest of my life. I want what comes out of my mouth to interest, inspire and move people and my focus is going to be on spiritual development. I am going to inspire people to really take on the spiritual path. There is physical, mental, emotional and spiritual development and of these I assert that it is the spiritual path that has been most neglected. I have my training structure in the 3 stages of spiritual development that I have often written about in this blog. Since given in my notice at work I am much more self-expressed in this whole area. I am declaring that this is who I am and what I stand for and as a result my communication is more authoritative without being forceful.

The training that I am doing with Landmark that I often write about and attribute many of my breakthroughs to is training me and those who do their courses to be extraordinary people. The choice is always there to be ordinary but the tools that are provided give the access to being extraordinary. A couple of years ago I introduced a friend to the first of these trainings the Landmark Forum she has since gone on to do more training. At some point the integrity of what we do versus what it is in integrity to do comes up and the result can be painful. I have known for some time that she has been unhappy in her work but like me she valued a safe and secure job above taking the risk of uncertainty. In my experience this can only operate like this for a while and a couple of days ago she walked out of her job to pursue her long held dream about writing a book about her ancestors.

I spoke to her at length last night and at the end of the call she told me that I was speaking differently and that everything I said had resonated with her and was powerful. I am not attributing this to me or my brilliance just to what occurs when the courage to step out from certainty to uncertainty is shown.

But I still have wobbly moments. Every morning this week I meant to get up early and clear some shelves or cupboards and I didn't do this any morning this week. But I'm not giving myself a hard time about it I have the faith and confidence that it will get done. I paid down the deposit on the room in Brighton and I have all my books for the course and I am really looking forward to getting down there and starting. I was writing some handover notes for the people who are going to be taking over from me and as I was writing and editing them I thought again about how I really love the magic that comes from making words form sentences on a page. Words are so rich and can create worlds and this is what I absolutely love.

My dream is still to have my own magazine based on my book and which would be all about spiritual development as opposed to psychic development. Cultivating spiritual intelligence makes for a happy and fulfilled life....why because it is being true to that which underlies and underpins our human coating......

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