Tuesday, 15 December 2009

In life....we are only doing one of two things....expanding or shrinking....

Last night coming back late from an agreement I got chatting to a man on the train. When he mentioned that he had a teenage boy I immediately remembered my commitment that every young person and teenager has the tools for creating a magical wonderful life. Unusually for me I started sharing about the things that had happened to me and the decisions I had made and the kind of life that I had as a result. I was amazed at how easy and free I felt to share. There was no fear or uneasiness and my words just flowed. I really saw his commitment to his teenage son and for what he was going through and also his commitment as a father to 'get it right'. I explained that there is no rule book for parents and that as human beings are meaning making machines that his son is always going to have a 'story' about his parents which more than likely is not going to paint them in the best of light.

The power of the parental relationship as the foundation for all other relationships in life cannot be underestimated. NOt being OK with one's parents just the way they are and the way they are not and not making them wrong for who they are and the way in which they show their love is fundamental to how we enter into other relationships. Teenagers have a reputation for thinking that they know it all and are just in the process of forming their view about the world and their place in it. To be able to interrupt this process at an early age with the tools for seeing how they have been put together this far in life gives them a level of freedom power that stays with them well into adult life and beyond. This is why I moved way beyond my comfort zone last night to give this man a business card where he can look on the website about the cutting edge education, training and coaching which is available for young people and teenagers. I am so committed that every young person and teenager who I get to hear about is given the choice about this training. And I also know that it is a game and all there is for me to do is to play full-out by sharing myself and by doing that others will or won't see what is possible for them.

Tonight is another evening on mindfulness meditation which is going to be held at Deep Connection. Maybe it's the time of the year but the numbers are dwindling. I managed to get the ad into Wellbeing magazine for the month of January and February so that is good. My ad on spiritual coaching was refused so I have to create something different. But I am not thinking about it until after Christmas. I was talking to my friend Lotus about setting up a proper website based on the name of this blog and moving the blog over to that. On this website I will also do video which seems to be the way to go. Part of me is so resistant to starting to do video because then I am going to be so visible. Eckhart Tolle felt the same when he started Eckhart TV until he saw the camera as a kind of worm hole into reaching millions of hearts and then he could connect and be authentic. I feel the same. My writing flows and I am happy with this but not much of my being or the experiences that have given me the ability to write in the way that I do comes across. With video there is no hiding and my being and authenticity about the realness of the spiritual dimension will come across or it won't.

So come early 2010 this is going to be my new project. Everything will then be on the one website. I'm not sure if I can just copy all of the posts from this blog over or whether from the New Year I start my blog on this website. I am so lucky to have Lotus who as a film maker is so well up on what is needed to be done and is such a support for me. She believes in me and in what I am trying to do even if like so many of my friends she doesn't agree with the vehicle I am using to do it. And while I don't disagree with mindfulness for achieving spiritual awakening I think that the mind can be fooled very easily with the gentleness of mindfulness meditation. For me, spiritual awakening takes something more. It takes the courage to......go into the fire.....

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