Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Physically, emotionally and mentally exhausted.....

I'm in that familiar dark place such that the effort to even write this to maintain my integrity is proving too much. The inner shifts that are happening are intense and I know that I must stay with this darkness. Not to push it down by being busy but to stay with it. I discovered something that has propelled me once again to this dark place. Part of me wants to write about it but the other part is so resistant that for now I will let it sit within me. Perhaps in time it will find its way out when it's safer.

The kindest thing I can do for readers of this blog today is to give a link to a video interview that Manuel Schoch had with an American radio programme. In his quiet and unassuming way he says a little of what is going on for me at the moment.

Here's the link

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