Sunday, 11 November 2007

To have.....give all to all

The above title comes from A Course in Miracles. They are the first words that came into my mind when I woke up this morning. So I am going to begin this week using these words. In the design of human giving is often associated with having less for oneself. And this can seem to be True. If I give something to somebody then I have less for myself. This is true of material possessions but not of ideas. And even for material possessions I believe that if they are given away that what is given back in return is far more.

I remember years ago giving a friend money to travel to India. He promised that he would return it to me. Time went on and he never returned it. One day I called him and said that I could do with the money and he was honest and said that he would never be able to give it up'. I accepted this and was OK with the fact that I would never see that money. What I have got back since then in terms of spiritual understandings, peace and harmony is worth more to me than money can buy. It was such a small price for the huge things I have gotten. The key to abundance is to give and to give unconditionally. To give and then forget - this is the giving that has power.

The Course in Miracles is clear about this. It makes the distinction between the ego mind and the spirit mind. I don't know when but at some point we made the decision to split from the source of our creation and create our own structure the ego. This is what happened at the Christian idea of the 'fall from Grace'. It's not so much a fall as a dissociation or a cutting off. All it will take to restore to unity that which appears to be separate is the recognition of this unity. With this recognition the split is healed and peace, harmony,love is the result.

Because I make pictures in my mind when I read I see the picture of what the Course in Miracles is trying to show so clearly. I think we formed the ego structure to enable us to experience life as a human. If we remained as spirit we wouldn't be able to experience conflict and separation. By devising a structure different to where we came from we could choose which of the opposites we could experience, i.e. up and down, fat and thing, near and far. None of these experiences is possible in the spirit world. Neale Donald Walsch in his famous Conversations with God books speaks about this. The fact that spirit cannot experience and so experiences through the ego structure that we as humans have designed for this purpose.

The guilt we feel is of knowing that we are responsible for the splitting off that happened and not taking on that responsibility. Not taking on responsibility often results in feelings of guilt. But guilt is a useless and pointless emotion. It solves nothing and there is nothing to be guilty for because the structure i.e. ego that resulted from the split is unreal. Why feel guilty over something that is unreal. All it takes for joy, bliss and happiness to be experienced is to recognise that the split has never happened. See the soul in everyone and not the personality. If it's not obvious pretend in everyone that you see the soul. In time this pretence will become reality. There will be nothing else but the Soul. You will know that you have achieved this level of understanding and awareness when talking freely to strangers will be welcomed and not feared. When others are seen for what they are brothers and sisters and not bodies that are there to harm us.

It is texts like a Course in Miracles and CWG books that speak most strongly to me. These are chanelled which means that their authors felt that they were taking an inner dictation. I don't feel my writing comes from an inner dictation but when I let myself go and not worry about going back to edit it I feel more information coming through. Not new information, it is the same information that was been written about down through the ages but the explanation appears clearer. Through writing I am coming to understand more and more...

One thing to be aware of though is that if the idea of giving unconditionally to recieve in abundance is something that any readers of this blog feel inspired to take on....a word of is likely to become turbulent for a while. This is only because the equality of having and being is not yet understood. At this stage, having can appear to be the opposite of giving. So CIM says 'this stage can seem like a contradiction because it is being learned by a conflicted mind. This means conflicting motivation and so the lesson cannot be learned consistently as yet'. Further the mind of the learner projects its own conflict, and thus does not perceive consistency in the minds of others, making him suspicious of their motivation'.

I can vouch for the Truth of this conflict from my own experience. When I seriously committed to seeing the Soul in everyone my life just seemed suddenly to be rife with conflicts, misunderstandings in communication with myself and others, so turbulent. I was bewildered because I thought 'my intention is to be in unity with everyone and instead what seems to be happening is that I am more separate than ever'. But I persevered with faith in the promise of what was possible if I persevered. Reading CIM I understand that this conflict in the outside world was a product of the conflict in my mind. As you go on studying and learning more this conflict gradually lessens. That is why the first stage of the journey from human to spiritual can be so bewildering. I can remember feeling a real sense of injustice that here I was doing all this reading and studying and yet me and my life was chaotic.

The CIM whilst it is not an easy read is well worth pursuing. It makes a clear distinction between the ego structure and spirit. It demonstrates that having bliss and joy is simply a choice to have bliss and joy by recognising that the ego structure we created is not real. It is more of a Christian text because it identifies spirit as the bridge between the creator and its creations i.e. us. Choose spirit over ego and spirit carries you very close to the creator. The last step is for the Creator alone.......

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