Friday, 27 November 2009

Am feeling so...calm and connected now...

I woke this norning full of joy and delight for the coming day. I went downstairs to make a cup of tea which is my ritual first thing in the morning, forget your tea and lemon and my landlady was in the kitchen. The glow that comes when one has a powerful insight that shifts the context within which life occurs was still there - she was beaming and it was the early morning!. This from a lady who told me that she had never woken up one morning happy. In line with my new policy that 'less is more' I just greeted her with a smile and she did the same. She told me of all the plans she had for the day and was so excited and alive with life. Slightly amused at this totally unexpected turn of events I carried my tea back upstairs.

I sat down at my computer to write my daily blog as I feel my writing is far clearer and sharper when I write in the morning. I seem to need a good seven hours of sleep so I rarely write my blog at night. Out of the corner of my eye I saw the second of the landlady's cats come into the room. Millie is a shy cat who doesn't usually bother with anyone so to have her in my room and even though she was scared and kept looking at me in quite a nervous way I felt quite privileged. I finished my blog and while writing it realised that I am quite at the mercy of blogspot who provides the space for this blog. I made a mental note to speak to my friend Lotus about putting together a proper website where I could have a newsletter about all kinds of insights I get from other sites as well as my own. I have also realised just how limited this blog is in terms of knowing what other blogs are out there that deal with the same subject matter than me. Although I can almost see my chiildhood friend smirking and saying to himself 'there is no other blog like this out there, this blog is barking'! and that is also something to be proud of.

I realise also that in the past I didn't want to make myself visible because my unfounded perceived threat I had towards people. Now all that is gone I want to be as visible to as many people as possible. That is why I have started making comments on spiritual/philosophical posts and this morning I was so surprised at the number of comments I got back including one from a woman who said 'I've only just realised you are an esteemed author' is amazing and I now have the confidence and self-assurance of one who has found their niche and has the credibility to use my insights, intuitions, knowledge and experience to make a difference to the spiritual dimension of peoples' lives - everything else will follow. I feel sure and certain about that now. The ease of my writing and how well I understand what others write convinces me of this.

I packed up my case and went to see my friend Lotus who gave me a link to a really good website for writing blogs. I began reading it and it's from there that I got the idea to research other blogs of this nature and identify where the gaps are and to develop a website that would be a magnetic one-stop shop for those seeking to develop the spiritual dimension. I am so inspired by this and by having Lotus as my friend and partner. I know though that her path of mindfulness is not the way that I am going to go. Spiritual awakening and the shift of consciousness is what speaks to me. This morning when I woke up I had the urgent thought that I had to pay money for my day of Transcendental Meditation. It seemed important to find the information and my inner prompting wouldn't give me any respite until I found it. When I looked to see the balance due date I couldn't believe it when I saw it was today. I called up and paid the remainder and now am set to learn the technique of TM. I had some concerns that it might conflict with the training I am already doing and which I am committed to finishing and I don't want to do anything to dilute that power. It is like the sun is most powerful when it shines on one spot and this is how I view the training I am currently doing. I sent an email to be clear that to do this day would be in integrity with my current training and I didn't receive a response which I am taking to be a YES.

I arrived in London for what was a very powerful classroom last night and tomorrow is going to be a full day as I do some of the presentations which are going to go towards whether I make it to go on to be a leader for children and young people. Then I have a nights socialising as it is my good friends birthday so it's going to be a lovely night which I am really looking foward there is likely not to be a blog entry until Sunday night......I will be worth the wait....

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