Monday, 30 November 2009

Ive been causing quite a stir.....on Facebook...

I can see the difference in how I think and write when I am writing this blog without any goal other than to interest my readers and when I am writing on Facebook in response to a post. There is an energetic aliveness in my writing. I am sending the Facebook link to posts where I have commented. I hope this works because I haven't done it before.

I am also in conversation with a man called JC Mac who had a completely unexpected spiritual emergency as he was hanging up the telephone. I particularly like responding to his posts because he resonates to me as being more authentic about what one goes through on the spiritual path to awakening the consciousness. I heard him speak in London about his experience which he has written about on Facebook and I was struck by just how bewildered the whole experience has left him. This is the danger with an unpremeditated, unexpected profound spiritual emergency, it shatters the consciousness and what there is to do is to integrate the experience back into the conscoiusness so that there is a completeness and a wholeness not the kind of dissociation that I saw from JC Mac. I feel such compassion for him because he is going through it the hard way.

Eckhart Tolle was very lucky in how smooth his shift of consciousness to spiritual awakening was. But he stayed steady with the shocking thought to the mind of 'I cannot live with myself any longer, am I one or two, who is I who is myself'. He didn't push this away and the result was a loss of consciousness for him and a spiritual transformation when he woke up. Others like JC Mac are not so lucky in that their way seems to be more torturous. But this is just what it appears like. HIs consciousness has also shifted and is going on its journey naturally. It is the mind that has the memory of an experience which it senses is a threat to its safety and this is why it is obsessed with finding a reason for why it happened so it can defend itself should it happen again. But the irony is that there is nothing to protect or defend. This is the ultimate realization - there is nothing to protect and defend - why? because there is nothing. I don't mean nothing in the sense of annihilation. I mean nothing in the sense that all the awakened consciousness is is a space where anything can be created. In the beginning there was nothing and then there was the Word and from this came creation. I am not religious and I don't know why that biblical quote came to me but it seemed important so I have included it.

I think it is the importance of the Word which makes keeping our word and having integrity so important for the development of the spiritual consciousness. We are not our thoughts and feelings, they come and go. What we are is our WORD, we are solely what we said we would do when we said we would do it. And when we can't keep our Word we go to those affected and explain that we can't now keep our word and we re-commit. In this way we are being true to the essence of our creation which is....THE WORD...

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