Monday, 16 November 2009

My experience of life.......has transformed..

L ife for me these days is so vibrant and full. The key to this is my complete and total surrender to the way that life is and to be happy with the way that life is. It is the way that it is and wishing that it could be another way is never going to change the way that it is. Acceptance is the first step in transforming any situation. The Buddha said the same thing in the First Noble Truth when he said that all life is suffering. When I first heard this my immediate reaction was 'no, that is not true' and I resisted this. What I understand now is that the Buddha was saying that acceptance of life as suffering is the key to transforming it. Unless we accept people and situations exactly the way they are and exactly the way they are not, suffering and resistance is what human beings experience.

The moment that we can accept the truth of the reality of suffering both for ourselves and our fellow human beings then the resistance is gone and a space opens up for something else to appear. This is the first dis-identification of the consciousness from the identity of being human. All other insights build on this first one. Without acceptance nothing else is possible. I have completely accepted my life just the way that it is and the way that it is not and this gives me a transformed experience of life. On a mundane and practical level I went to a shop to buy an iron, came home, plugged it on looking expectantly for the red light and heat that would signal me being effective in my ability to choose something that works....and red light and no heat. In the past I would have ranted about the inconvenience it is going to cause to me but yesterday there was none of that. The truth about buying the iron was that it didn't work. Any upset around it would be around some story I made up about it meaning that I am not effective in choosing a working iron never mind being effective in inspiring people to really take on that to be a human being means to be embroiled in a game that we don't even know we are playing. That is the game of the ONE WITH THE MANY...

My commitment to my fellow human beings is for as many as possible to experience this game for themselves. Many already are. Yesterday I found someone who shared his story of spiritual emergency. Reading it I was reminded anew why I continue sharing the insights that I have, it is to have the consciousness prepared so that when the shift comes it will be possible to integrate the shifted consciousness into the new paradigm effortlessly and easiily. I feel a frustration that my way of being at the moment is not able to do this. Eckart Tolle writes and speaks about the power of now, I am going to begin writing about the power of surrender. It is the power of surrender that brings one.....into the power of NOW - the portal of spiritual awakening through a shift in consciousness.

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