Sunday, 29 November 2009

How life alters when the context within which it is lived shifts....

Seek not outside yourself for what rests quietly within.
Look to no one else to tell you what you are.
It is sufficient to know what you are not.
Ask but this, What Am I?
Notice that you Are.
Abide in That.

I came across the first paragraph and it resonated so strongly with me that I just had to put it in this blog post. I have spent most of this afternoon going through all of the blogs that focus on spiritual awakening and I have been amazed. Firstly that there is only 67 blogs dealing with this topic out of a total of 853,799 blogs circulating. Of these 67 more than half don't have up-to-date posts. But I don't think this is an accurate picture as there is no mention of this blog! But what has struck me most are the number that are 'invitation only'. This has both irritated and intrigued me. I was reminded of the secrecy around the Freemasons and there is something in the human psyche that gets a little more interested when you're fully expecting to gain entry and you get a message saying 'invitation only' especially if the blog title is particularly appealing as in the case of one - journey of spiritual awakening. I haven't finished going through them all yet but of those I have gone through I have been struck by all the advertising and marketing there is on them. I think I am beginning to understand the real power of the internet now.

I have some ideas of where I am going to take this but until they are more definite I will continue with this blog in this format for the time being. One thing I have noticed is that as I thought there aren't any blogs that are as personal as this one. I came close to one which is similar and that is and within that there is another link 'journey to happiness'. Given the small amount of research I have done I have a number of options available for how me and this blog could go forward. I will be meeting my friend Lotus to discuss options. She is doing something similar to see how many blogs have as their focus mindfulness. I have also been active on commenting on spiritual posts on Facebook and have received a number of 'friend requests' as a result which is good for me in building up a profile.

For this blog to be seen as an expert in the field of spiritual awakening it has to stop being all about me. I am trying to show a process but some blogs are doing the same solely by using quotes from well known spiritual teachers and nothing else - a lovely designed website with quotes. I think I'm doing well I've finally worked out how to upload an image so am going to experiment with layout and making it more visually attractive. I have a loyal following on this blog and I have done for many years which I am very grateful for and I don't want to lose one reader. I want this blog to be what YOU the reader feels is worthy of the time you spend here. If you have ever thought 'I wish she would do x or y or wouldn't do x,y!, then please send a comment back and when I am putting together my list of options, I will consider all comments. There is no obligation on anyone to do this so don't feel under any pressure. Having seen just how little there is around that is understandable (is that me being arrogant!) I am really excited about what is going to be possible.

I am so clear now and incredibly grateful that my context for how I communicated with adults has shifted. Last night I was out with friends who I hadn't seen for almost a year and I was so relaxed and happy. We all went to a jazz club and the drummer was just amazing. I used the power of the band to be quiet and to really thank whatever process I am going through where I am slowly but surely being returned to nothing. All that is 'not me' is being peeled away and soon I will be back to nothing where everything is possible. After the band we all went to another pub and I got chatting to this guy who I had never seen before and there was none of that tension or unease that I have often written about in this blog. The conversation flowed and was easy without anywhere to get to. I was so amazed at the difference. It's also showing itself in my writing in that there is nothing to protect anymore and so I can be and am! fully self-expressed when it comes to a view on spiritual awakening and the shift of consciousness that characterises spiritual awakening.

I do assert though that what I write is not the truth just how it occurs for me but it's really fun to go to long deep philosophical posts that are unintelligible (at least to me) and cut through them with a couple of short succinct sentences - it's giving me a strange kind of thrill and challenge.....

Tomorrow I must write an article for Wellbeing magazine on mindfulness promoting the evenings and my evenings on spiritual awakening. What is still lacking for me though on the spiritual awakening evenings is a structure that people can benefit from. I don't feel authentic in that I don't have the means to rise the energy that enables spiritual awakening so I'm asking myself is being practical really my niche or is my niche really focussing on writing ebooks that break new ground in spirituality. Although there is no new ground to be broken in spirituality because it is the one ancient Truth but maybe there is ground to be broken in making it accessible in a way that it hasn't been before. What this is going to call on me to do though is to be a spiritual leader.....and come out of the shadows....

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